Greetings Little Baby

When a new baby arrives, an outpouring of love always accompanies it.

While I was at home for Easter, I had the chance to read a few of the cards that were sent to my parents when I was born. It’s quite amazing to see them and read them, especially from people I never met or have since passed. I knew the cards would be waiting for me, since my mom asked if I wanted to keep them, and one of the evenings, I took the time to go through them and read them all before tucking them away into my massively over stuffed memory tote.

The cards just scream late ’80’s don’t they?! There are actually two identical cards, BOTH from the eldest siblings of my parents. How weird is that?!

So in this pile are “welcome baby” cards, in addition to “1st birthday” and “1st Valentine’s Day” cards. I’m definitely going to be one of those parents who doesn’t do much for the 1st celebrations. The baby isn’t going to remember it anyway. I say this now, but you just watch, if I ever have a baby I’m sure I’ll be that Pinterest mom who is so extra they can see it from space. 

I really enjoyed reading the cards, and a few times I got really emotional. One that I found was from my mom’s brother. He was the eldest sibling and my mom the youngest with 21 years between them. The main part of the card was written in his first wife’s handwriting (she passed shortly after I believe) but on the one side of the card, my uncle had taken the time to congratulate his “little sis” on her achievement, and saying that she now had her ideal family.

One of my mom’s sisters wrote that she hoped that I was a better sleeper than my brother. HA! Not even barely around and people are already comparing me to my brother! I’m going to say that I was a better sleeper. I haven’t asked anyone, but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

I found a few cards from my maternal grandmother. She was the only grandparent that I ever knew, all the other three had passed before my parents got married. But I was her little red head, and her birthday gift because her birthday was one day before mine (plus 70 years). Her youngest child’s youngest child. And the last grandchild to be born (there were actually a few great grand children born before I arrived).

When I was reading her cards, I got really emotional! I don’t really remember her very much, she died when I was 12, but I remember the pride I had (and still have) of sharing birthdays and being the red head she wanted. She was the Scottish one in the family, and maybe that’s why I take so much pride in my Scottish heritage? I noticed when reading that, while a little shaky, her handwriting is so similar to my moms.

One thing I did discover, with a little bit of resentment, was the first person to EVER spell my name wrong. Now, as some of you know, I have a little bit of a unique name, both in spelling and just as a name. Some people think it’s the short form for something else and call me the long version, which is horrible, and a lot just pronounce it wrong or spell it wrong. I have been battling this my ENTIRE life. But, now, I have FINALLY found the very first person to do it!

My cousin’s wife!

Ya see, I was supposed to be named Melissa. BUT my cousin (my dad’s eldest brother’s first born) and his wife had a baby literally two weeks before I was born. My parents had picked out Melissa for me if I was a girl and something else if I was a boy. WELL my cousin and his wife decided to name THEIR baby girl Melissa. And my mom was like “we can’t have TWO Melissa Fatties in the family!” Growing up I hated that I got the weird name, but now I love it. I’m SOOOOO not a Melissa.

Anyways, so my cousin’s wife wrote her card to my mom saying how she was dealing with the arrival of her second baby and hoping that my mom was doing ok with the arrival of her second baby. And THEN OOOOOO THEN!!!! After stealing my name she has the AUDACITY to spell my name wrong. There is a y in the middle and she changed it to ee. PPPFFFFFTTTTTTT

The things you learn when you read 32 year old greeting cards. I tell ya. Oh goodness. And then came the life-long struggle with my name.

21 thoughts on “Greetings Little Baby

  1. My grandparents recently sent some photos of us kids growing up… And others. It’s weird seeing some people younger and with more hair. She also sent some strange photos of people I don’t know. Hehe. Anyway, there’s some pictures like one with my aunt who passed holding me that I stared at a long time. It’s nice to have the memories and knowing I can share them with my kids.

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  2. My parents are in the process of “decluttering” and passing all that memorabilia stuff to me. They don’t care what I do with it, just that it isn’t their problem anymore. Which makes it really hard for me because I don’t necessarily have room for it but I feel guilty about getting rid of it because of the family history. *sigh*

    I’m puzzling over what people might think your name is short for.

    (PS The image is broken for me)

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  3. Having children and wanting to keep their first everything is tough lol. I legit want to keep every single thing and it kind of makes me feel like a hoarder lol.

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    • HAHA! I’m not a parent, but a nanny and former teacher and soon to be teacher again and I kind of feel the same way. If the kids I nanny give me something, I keep it. If the kids I used to teach drew something for me, I keep it lol. It’s so hard to get rid of those things because I know they were made with love. I can’t imagine how I’m going to be if I ever have kids!

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        • HAHA! I have learned to be a little bit selective when keeping things. It was easier when I was a supply teacher because I didn’t see the kids all the time. But I think when I’m a classroom teacher next year it might be a little more challenge to scale back lol


          • I am trying to be selective but everything is just so awwwww lol. For instance my brother ( I take care of him as well as my children ) brought home literally 5 different arts & crafts for Mother’s Day. I couldn’t throw anything away. I can only imagine being a teacher! Imagining if all of your students gifted you every single holiday whoa! Lol

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  4. Hi there Giggling,

    Thanks for this fun, as always, post. Keep the memorabilia ! I have boxes of postcards, greeting cards and letters, so does my mom ! My children too have caught the bug. Always very useful to inform the past for a writer.

    Here’s for some Glitter :
    I have nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Please visit me, share and contribute 11 new nominees of your own.

    Have a lovely day.
    Beautiful sunshine here in Toulouse.

    Ta ta for now

    Susan Rouchard

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