I’m going to be writing some stuff

And I’m going to let you know what that stuff is!

So a little bit ago, I was asked to submit an application to this one website, Channillo, which pays it’s writers to write things. You need to submit an idea for a series. I was just starting A to Z so I decided to wait that out because I had a lot going on.

But then, A to Z was over. And now I’m not spending every day frantically trying to do all that, so I decided to apply.

At first, I submitted for a series on being a nanny. I know my job will be over in two months, so once it’s done, it’s a good time to purge myself of my thoughts before moving on to being a teacher.

And then, a few days later, I submitted an idea for a romance type series. And it was approved almost instantly!!

So that’s what I’m going to be doing! I sat down before I applied and listed out all the names of the guys from my dating series on here, and a few that I haven’t mentioned because y’all don’t need to be so nosy! hehe. And that’s when I asked you for your help. I needed different names. And WOW did you deliver!!

I had 28 guys that needed a name change and you send at least 40 names over!! So this past weekend I made a little chart, and then wrote all the names on pieces of paper and did a random draw to match them up. I do have a few extras lined up just in case the universe throws a few more guys my way before I finish writing the series.

I won’t be using all the guys though. So the idea of the series is that it’s a compulsive liar’s take on her relationships. Some of the details will be my truth, some of them will be completely made up, stories I’ve heard from others, random ideas I have, or two guys mixed into one just to save time and space. But for sure the first line in each chapter is going to be truth. The rest will be up to you to figure out.

I’m hoping to have it run starting in June or July for about 3 months or so. I still have some things to figure out like my pen name and some cover art for the series, but then I’ll start writing. Of course, once it’s up I’ll be posting here and on Twitter when new chapters are released.

Peeps and Meeps, I am SO excited about this! I have always wanted to get paid for my writing, and this could possibly be the first step for that! I hope that you’ll follow and support me through this great new adventure I’m going to have!

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