Saturday Shout Out – Giggling Fattie

Suzi featured me in her “Saturday Shout Out” series and I can’t be more thrilled! Check her out peeps and meeps!

My Colourful Life

Shout Out to Giggling Fattie!!!!

For my First Saturday Shout Out I’d like to introduce you to Giggling Fattie who blogs over at No Love For Fatties here on WordPress.

I have been a follower of Giggling Fattie since I started this blog and I am really pleased that she wanted to be a part of this Saturday Shout Out as I really love to read her blog.  She posts lots of different things from nail art to funny things that have happened in her life to thoughts and feelings.  She recently took part in the April A to Z Blogging Challenge  (click to find the posts here) where she wrote some really brilliant short stories based on a children’s illustrated A-Z rug!

Giggling Fattie is always super honest and really supportive of other bloggers and has been really welcoming to a “Newb” like me!

Giggling Fattie’s blog has been running for 4 years…

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