Saturday Questions #36

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If anyone is looking for a good way to describe me, take notes. Okies, so maybe the pine needles bit is a little too far, but I’d love for someone to describe me so passionately.

But really, I’d want people to describe me as kind, sweet, funny, caring, creative, patient, a good friend. Things that I can control.

I once read a thing on Tumblr on how to compliment a girl, and I think it works for this as well.

Image result for compliment what she can control

It says to mix words like “rad” or “awesome” with something a woman can control about herself. “Rad earrings”. She probably spent lots of time picking them out, so that’s a great way to compliment her.  So I’d want someone to describe me the same way. Like focus on things I can control – like how I treat other people, how I react to tough situations, etc. That’s how I’d like someone to describe me.

How about you? How would you like people to describe you?

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9 thoughts on “Saturday Questions #36

  1. At some point in life, when you let your hair go gray, you find ways to not worry so much about what others think – and you love yourself a whole lot for it. On a side note, is it sad that when you said pine needles, I was drawn to the picture in the meme, and then the glass she was holding, and then I assumed it was Tangueray and Tonic, and the girl sleeping next to her was dreaming of a martini?! Yowzers…!

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  2. I’ve been described a few times as fearless or ‘badass’ and I was highly flattered. I have anxiety and it’s sometimes really bad so I felt like those people were telling me that I was doing good, that despite feeling like I’m constantly hiding in fear, I was still doing cool stuff. But like you said, being complimented over something you have control over or being told you are kind/caring, feels fantastic. I often joke to my husband that if he should compliments something I have no control over, it should be my brain, not my butt! 😉

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    • Haha! Idk being told you have a nice butt is quite the compliment! Mine is a textbook butt. Not good at all! 😂

      I’ve been told I’m brave! And you’re right, it’s a great feeling!! Especially when it comes after doing something I was really scared to do.

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  3. I guess a good friend, good wife, good mother. I think it’s “how you are” not “how you look” that counts and those three things stem from “how you are”.

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