More with the Updates

Okies, I promise, this is the last one.

So far, since February, I have updated y’all on almost everything from my original list. There were four paragraphs of information there, three that I couldn’t really elaborate on.

The first that I did was the 3rd paragraph, and I did that here. Basically a great guy I met and went on one date with told me after our great date that he had two months left on his student/work permit and wasn’t having any luck getting his permanent residency and if nothing worked he’d have to leave and go back to Ghana. We still talk a little bit and yesterday we touched base for literally 4 text messages where he said he’s still fighting to stay and that now he needs to find a wife in the next 4 weeks to have a common law marriage. I think he’s using the wrong terms, but that still sucks for him.

Then of course, I did the 1st paragraph just a few weeks ago when I signed my contract for my new job! YAY

Now, for the last little bit.

Then this was like, yeah I guess I could, but maybe I should look at this instead. And I’m kind of glad I did because if it all fits into place, then it’ll be much better for me. Ya’ll understand! Girl’s gotta look out for herself!

black think about it GIF by Identity

Apartment hunting!!

In my current job, I’m technically a live-in nanny. I have my own little suite which has everything I need in it like my own little apartment. But once I am done working for this family, I have to move. It’s probably the main reason I haven’t searched out something more in the last three years. I don’t want to move! But now I have to.

I was going to text the guy where I lived when I first moved for this job, but thought it would eat up my ENTIRE pay increase plus a little bit more. I don’t want that, so I set up a viewing for a few places.

I’ve been searching a little bit but not too much because it’s so early. But now it’s getting to be that time where I should be looking. I have to move by August 1st so time is slowly ticking away. I did look at those few places wwaaayyy back when I made that first post, but one was a house with SIX other people, and the other was about $100 over what I’m comfortable budgeting for. So now I’m going to be restarting my hunt. I want something close to the school where I’m working, and I did find what looked like a really nice place and I messaged them on Sunday but no reply as of yet. Hopefully soon! Is double messaging a thing when you’re looking for a place to live? Maybe they accidentally deleted my email from the site? Maybe I should just be like “hey is this room still available?” Haven’t decided yet. But now I should really start to focus on it.

6 thoughts on “More with the Updates

  1. I had a love hate relationship with apartment searching. I love looking for a new place and imagining me living at each one and dreaming of the possibilities for decorations, but the actual moving is such a pain. Good luck and remember to have some fun (and remain sensible)!

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    • Haha!! Well right now it sucks a little bit more because I won’t be able to have my own place, so I’ll be looking for a shared situation. I am definitely remaining sensible. And I actually wouldn’t be too upset with a less than ideal place for a year if it was a good price and location! I just want to be secure that it will fit in my budget that I have no real idea what’s going to be deducted haha

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  2. Good luck on your search! I don’t know about where you live but here in the SF Bay Area of California the rents are just astronomical. A one bedroom apartment in a recently built complex was $3500 a month!!! Who can afford that? And how many people can you fit in a one bedroom to share the rent with? I remember my first apartment. I think I paid $400 a month! Ah, those were the days!

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    • Haha I’m in Toronto, a basement solo apartment can range from $1,200 to $2000 I think. I’m looking more for around $750 which gives me a comfortable buffer in my budget.

      The first time I ever paid rent it was $350 and it was a bedroom in a house when I was in university haha!! Thankfully I’ve been very lucky with jobs that have included accommodations since then. So this is almost like a brand new experience for me. I feel like a little baby sometimes

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