Write Club 2019

Just a friendly reminder that Write Club has officially started!!

The first bouts are off to a great start, and you still have time to catch up if, like me, you are behind. Every time you vote, you get entered into a draw for a prize so even if you’re not participating, it’s a great way to read some new fiction and possibly win a gift card for books. Who doesn’t love free books?!

I can’t tell you if my story has been chosen, but I can definitely tell you that I’ve entered. I entered last year and wasn’t chosen either which I thought was kind of lame because the story I submitted was definitely better than some of the ones that were chosen to be in the bouts…but that’s just my opinion. We’ll see how this year goes!

4 thoughts on “Write Club 2019

    • It’s just a writing challenge! I should have posted a link to it, but I did a few weeks ago. You submit a 500-word story and the people who run it pick 30 out of the ones submitted and they go head to head every day to see who wins. I’ve just caught up on the 4 days of posts so far, so 8 stories, and I didn’t really like ANY of them. Its frustrating sometimes because I can be really harsh on my own fiction, especially when I submit for something like that, but I know my story last year, and the start of the story I submitted this year, are WAY better than what I’ve read so far. And I’ll be so upset if I’m not in any of the bouts.

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