A to Z Recap

Well, it’s all over, folks!

Well, A to Z is over for another year, and I actually made it all the way through! My proper reflection will be up on the 6th when the challenge has the start of their reflection posts, but here is just a recap of all the stories that I wrote this year, just in case you missed any and wanted to read them.

Alfie the Alligator

Bunny the Bunny

The Cake

Edgar’s Deer Farm

Journey to Earth

Sally the Fox

Annabelle’s Guitar

Rachael’s Heart

Ricky and the igloo

I wish I was a fighter jet

Rene the kangaroo

Leonard the Lion

Warm Milk

My Little Newt



Esther’s Quilt

Daniel’s Robot

Ronald the Seal

Tea Time

Unicorn Facts

Annabeth’s Volcano

Grandfather’s magic watch

The X-Ray

Yarn Addiction

Joanie and the zebras

14 thoughts on “A to Z Recap

    • Thanks Aaron!! You did a great job too (although your list had a HUGE lack of Disney titles haha oooo Disney movies! That’s a great idea for next year!)

      And from May 6th-17th is the “official” A to Z reflection post time. Most people like the week off. So the reflections are usually like how they felt during the challenge, problems they had, things they enjoyed, how their stats changed because of the challenge (I don’t do this), interesting blogs they found etc etc. Just like the reveal, it’s not mandatory. But you can write it if you wish 🙂

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