Saturday Questions #34

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Alright my loves, this is the last Sunday installment of Saturday Questions. Today’s topic, something you don’t normally share about yourself.

Now, let me preface this with the statement that everything in this post is the true. Don’t let the fuzzy yellow thing sway you otherwise.

Having said that, one thing I don’t normally share about myself is that I used to be a compulsive liar. Maybe not compulsive but I used to lie a lot. Like a lot a lot.

I’m not even sure when/how it started. Well, I’m guessing around grade 7ish or 8ish. Somewhere around then. I just felt like lying about my life was much more interesting than talking about my real life. Ya know you want to fit in with your friends or make yourself sound more interesting or exciting than you really are?

At first it was just little things, but then it pretty much encompassed my entire life. And it was exhausting. Like I had to keep up with all the different lies I was telling everyone and try to keep them all straight. It was rough. But then it just got to the point where I couldn’t keep it up anymore. There were just too many lies.

I think it really broke when I moved to Korea the first time – yeah, so like from grade 7/8 (that’s 12/13 years old) all the way to twenty three. That’s a long time to be sucked into a lie spiral. I think that being able to go to Korea and breaking free from everyone I knew allowed me to also break free from the lies. I didn’t have to keep them up over there because no one knew anyone else that knew me so I didn’t have to keep re-introducing the lies to every new person I met.

That freedom was amazing. And now I live a lie free life. Well, mostly. We all have our little white lies we tell other people, like “yes…I totally don’t still believe in Santa Claus…he’s not real…”

What is something about yourself that you don’t share with a lot of people?

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ooooo BUT I am using that freedom to my advantage! If you remember, I posted asking for male names for an upcoming thing – well, once I get the application ready, I’m going to be submitting it to a website to start a series kind of combining my real love/dating life with some of the lies I told people when I was younger and then some more non-truths thrown in just for fun. It’ll be called something about dating a compulsive liar, and I’ll let you guys know if/when it gets picked up by the website.

And speaking of writing things, since we’re all here anyways, I want to do a series on being a nanny once I am finished my current job. So if you have any questions about how that works, or what it’s like, or just anything really, let me know either in the comment section below, by using my Contact Me page, or by emailing me directly at

14 thoughts on “Saturday Questions #34

  1. I have a real problem with lying. If you lie to me, how can I ever trust anything you say? I put it way up there with cheating and stealing. I’m sorry you felt that it was the best way to handle your life at the time and happy for you that you don’t have to do it anymore. I can’t imagine moving so far away from home but I bet it felt good to start fresh. Those sound like interesting new series. Something I don’t normally share? How much I weigh.

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  2. I get very irritated when being told what to do when I am not in a situation of instruction such as a class or staff training. When well members start sentences with ‘wouldn’t you be better off if you did…(It their way!!)’. This is not meant badly by people so I work on my reactions 😊

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    • Oh this is a great question!! I’m not sure if it’s the job, but I definitely want kids now when I DID NOT want them before. Like I didn’t want my own biological children before – single dad’s were ok to date, the prospect of adoption was totally rad. But now I actually do have a desire to have my own children. I’ll put that on my list of idea for topics for that series! 🙂

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