#AtoZchallenge : Watch

#AtoZChallenge 2019 Tenth Anniversary blogging from A to Z challenge letter

Zachary had always admired his grandfather’s watch. Every time they were together, Zachary would ask to see it. His grandfather was never wearing the watch, which Zachary thought was very odd, but he would always take the watch out and lay it on a table for Zachary to look at.

It was just a simple little watch. A gold face, and you could see the gears working inside. It had a light brown leather band, that was very worn out.

Soon enough, there came a time when Zachary’s grandfather became very sick. Zachary and his parents went to stay with his grandfather to help take care of him.

“Pppsssttt…are they gone?” Grandfather whispered one day.

“Yes Grandfather. Why are you hiding in there?”

“Quick! I need to show you something!”

Zachary went into his grandfather’s room and saw him laying on his bed, propped up by some pillows.

“See my watch on the counter there? The one you like so much? Bring it here. Careful now! Hold it only by the band – don’t let the face touch your skin.”

Zachary thought this was a weird request, but he did as his grandfather asked. He walked over to where the watch was, and gingerly picked it up by the old leather band. Taking extra care not to touch the face.

“Lay it on the blanket, that’s a good boy.”

Grandfather and Zachary looked at the watch for several minutes and no one said a word. Then Grandfather sighed.

“Zachary, I know I am very sick, and before I die, I need to pass this watch onto you. It’s a very special watch, it chooses who it wants to be its next owner. I wanted to give it to your father, but he never had any interest in it. But the second you saw this watch, you wanted to wear it! That’s how I know it’s supposed to go to you.”

“umm…gee…thanks Grandfather….”

“Now, listen very carefully. Whoever it chooses, when they put it on, will be able to travel to any period of time they want!”

As Grandfather continued to speak, the watch gave off a mysterious glow. As if it was recognizing that this was it’s time to transfer from one person to the next.

“Now, it only works for one person. As soon as you touch the face of the watch, I won’t be able to make it work. So listen and watch very closely!”

Grandfather picked up the watch and it shone brightly, all the gears inside stopped. He pulled out the pin on the side and started to spin it. The little window where the day is displayed quickly changed to a year, Grandfather spun it around until it said 1945.

“Now, the thing is, you can only travel to this exact day in different years. And you can only stay for one hour! Then the watch will glow and you will come back. Once you use it, you have to wait exactly 30 days before you can use it again. Understand?”

“Yes, Grandfather.”

“Excellent. Now, when you set the year, you just push this back in and poof! Off ya go! Your first trip only lasts 5 minutes. Hows about we give it a try?”

“Right now?”

“Right now! We don’t have much time before your parents get back. I can’t have you missing when they come home.”

“Ok, Grandfather. If you say so….”

Zachary reached out his hands to take the watch. Grandfather gave the watch one last look before placing it into Zachary’s open palm. The watch went dark for a few seconds when it touched Zachary and then glowed again at the touch of his skin.

“Fantastic! It has chosen you! Now, when do you want to travel to?”

6 thoughts on “#AtoZchallenge : Watch

    • HAHA! The names don’t match the letter, just the inspiration for the post. So today was “watch”. At the start I did alliteration with the names and stuff, but that lasted all of two days haha


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