#AtoZchallenge : Volcano

#AtoZChallenge 2019 Tenth Anniversary blogging from A to Z challenge letter

Annabeth lived on a beautiful island. This island had a large mountain that used to be a volcano. She had her little house close to the base of the mountain, and she lived there with her husband and two children. 

During the day, her husband would go out and fish. He didn’t need much, just enough to feed his family for the next day, and maybe a little extra for Annabeth to dry in the sun. 

The children played around the quiet volcano, running up and down it’s slopes, chasing the wild animals around, climbing trees. All the things that little children should be doing on such a beautiful island. 

Annabeth loved her life there. She would tend to the house, and cook for her family during the day. Since her children were gone most of the day playing, she would talk to the mountain as she worked, or to any creature that happened to cross her path. 

On the other side of the island there was a village. Annabeth and her family didn’t go to the village very often. They had everything they needed on their side of the island. The village was loud and noisy. It had lots of travellers coming to visit, and lots of things Annabeth and her family didn’t need to survive. They were content with what they had. 

It didn’t take too long before the village started to expland around the island. It had more people than it could sustain so it got bigger. Annabeth’s family was kept up at night from the noise, the fish on that side of the island were being distrubed by the lake noise from all the new people. And the children had to be careful where they played on the mountain. 

Annabeth didn’t like what was starting to happen to her little island. She was starting to feel disconnected and unhappy. Her husband was starting to be unhappy. Her children were starting to be unhappy. The mountain was starting to be unhappy. 

Over a week, the trees on the moutain got thicker. Soon the hikers stayed to the original paths on the other side of the mountain. The new trees extended down to where the village had expanded, creating a sound barrier for Annabeth and her family. Then, a sanddune seemed to appear over night, blocking the boats from travelling around the sides of the island. It was like the mountain was protecting Annabeth and her family. 

One day, the moutain started to rumble. It didn’t like how the people were treating it. It started to shake, and rocks were rolling down from the top. Annabeth and her familer were scared! Nothing like this had ever happened before! 

The mountain got so angry, that the top of it cracked open, and all its anger from inside started to come out! It wasn’t a quiet volcano any more! 

The lava flowed from the top and started to cover all of the outside. While the mountain was angry at the people, it was still Annabeth’s companion. She told the moutain it was ok to be angry, and that she was angry too. 

The mountain heard Annabeth’s soothing words, it didn’t want to hurt Annabeth or her family. It made sure to keep the lava away from their house, building tall walls of lava separating the island into two halfs. It formed large sea walls to keep the boats to one side as well. When the lava cooled, it was impossible for anyone to build anything close to Annabeth’s house, or disrupt the waters near her ever again. 

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