Update on the Updated Update

FINALLY!! The news y’all have been waiting for!!

Ok, so back in February, I made a Thursday Updates post where I gave some vague updates on some things but didn’t want to get into too much detail until they were settled. And then I kind of updated a little in this update?

But here is the big one! THE BIG ONE!!! I wrote:

So there was this thing after my Saturday Questions #24 (the password one) that turned out AMAZING! Like I wasn’t expecting it AT ALL but ya know when God provides and gives you a path, you take it. I’m not one to be all “God is showing me this” because I hardly ever feel that way, but he slapped me right across the face to get my attention this time. And then I was freaking out for nothing. But it all worked out and OMG OMG OMG!!

Now are you ready for this?! I AM SO READY TO SHARE THIS!!!

As of the end of June, I will no longer be a nanny. And as of September 1st, I AM OFFICIALLY A CLASSROOM TEACHER! WITH MY OWN CLASSROOM!!!

OMG! So I’ve been holding that in FOR TWO MONTHS!!!

TWO FREAKING MONTHS GUYS!!!! I never keep anything from you that long, but this I needed to be completely official before I made this post. I find if I get super excited about something (or someone) and I make a post about it super early, then everything crashes and burns and then I’m left with having to write a “well…I was wrong…” post (ps: one of those coming up after A to Z….)

Okies so here’s what happened :

For Family Day in Ontario, we have a long weekend. The Monday is a holiday. And I was applying to this part time job for Friday’s only and then I saw this posting for an elementary teacher at a private school and it didn’t say you needed a certain number of years experience. And I was like “ya know what, I’m just going to do it!” And my resume was sent to them via the website that I was using for that other part time job.

Within TEN MINUTES the principal had emailed back asking if I was able to come in for an interview. TEN MINUTES!! ON A HOLIDAY MONDAY!!!! Of course, I said yes, and my interview was set for that Wednesday.

So there I was, totally shocked. Like OMG, shocked. I wasn’t expecting it AT ALL. And I wasn’t prepared. I’ve been a nanny for almost three years and have dropped like 40lbs since I started so all my “professional” clothes don’t fit so I had to find something to wear. I had no references or a teacher interview booklet set up. I made a list, I needed to print my evaluations from teacher’s college (that I graduated from ALMOST SIX YEARS AGO!) and then my references, and print off some lesson plans and unit plans, and some examples of assessments. And I had one day to do all that and I had no printer paper! I bought some Tuesday morning and printed off like half a small rain forest but I got it all done and organized!

I went to my interview with no professional teacher references from the last four years. I had a few from when I was a supply, and then I had the one my boss gave me last year when I was looking for a summer job and I had the phone number of the toddler’s mom. I put all those plus copies of my evaluations into a folder to leave with the principal after my interview.

On Wednesday, I went for my interview and then the following Monday (literally a week after I had applied) I was offered a full-time teaching job starting in September!


It’s taken two months since that offer to get the contracts drawn up and signed, and I literally dropped it off less than an hour ago. And I can NOT be more excited. I just have to get a vulnerable sector’s police check (which I’ve done like 5 times before so no biggie) and then when it comes back clear I’m all set!

My kidlets know now, and their mom found out the day I was offered the contract because I wanted to tell her as soon as possible. 3rd found out that day and kept it a secret for like a month before the girls found out. But now everyone knows.

And I know that some of my reader’s aren’t religious, but this is legit the best example of God working in my life I can think of. He always shows up when I am in need of transitions like this. Another example is me leaving Korea early and getting this nanny job. He provides for me in ways that I can’t even comprehend. Like I was offered a teaching job with no real classroom experience and the school didn’t even call my references and here I am. Being provided for! And with literally one interview! And now I have a one year contract to be a teacher. OMG

I shared the news with my small group Bible study and they were praying for me before my interview and have been so amazingly supportive through this whole process and I’m glad that I had them to share this amazing blessing with because I wasn’t sharing it here. Which has been the hardest thing to not share for two whole months!

So anyways, that’s my amazing news!! I’ll find out what grade I’m teaching closer to the end of this school year, I’m hoping for something in the lower grades because I love those little munchkins! I now have to get a job for the summer (interviews this week, already had one for an online teaching thing and a few on Friday for ESL teaching in Toronto) and then I have to find a new place to live and move this summer, but I get to be an actual teacher and have an actual classroom and I am so nervous and anxious and I feel totally overwhelmed already but like in a super great but also super freaking out kind of way. And I have to go shopping and get all new “work” clothes because it’s a private school (pre-k up to grade 12) and the kids are all uniformed and all I wear now are skinny jeans and that’s not allowed haha!

Have an amazing day my loves! Because I know I won’t be able to stop smiling for at least a day or two!

50 thoughts on “Update on the Updated Update

    • Teaching in Ontario is so hard to get into. A full time contract with an actual school board takes 7-10 years once you’re accepted onto a supply list. So getting this job at a private school is truly a blessing from God. I can’t wait to start this new adventure!!

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    • Thanks Aaron!!! I’m super happy too!! Can’t wait to decorate a classroom with hippos! Can you imagine getting teacher birthday gifts that day “hippo birthday to you!” On a tag wrapped around a pencil or something?! Omg I’m going to go insane

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  1. This is the Best news ever!!!! I’m not big on God talk, but sometimes he really does work in mysterious ways when we least expect it. I am so so happy for you my friend. You deserve ALL the good things and ALL the happiness!!!! I can’t wait to hear all about the adventures to come!!!

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  2. That’s so wonderful for you, I’m delighted! I know you will miss your nanny kids, but now you will have you own whole classroom of them- that’s amazing. Congratulations T! I hope you still do nail art 😘

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you G! They will miss me and I will miss them soooo much!!! 3rd actually said that having them as the kids I nanny is crazy so a whole classroom shouldn’t be that hard hehe. And yes of course I will still do nail art! The school is very professional for the teachers so the first little bit might be very muted but then I’ll start to branch out 😉


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