Saturday Questions #33

Image result for royalty free image highs and lows

Ok, so the picture doesn’t really represent the topic for this week, but it’s cute so there’s that.

When I was in Korea, I would love to play “highs and lows” with my kids. It got them to talk about the best part of their day and the worst. Usually the worst was my class or homework.

Here’s my highs and lows for this week.


  • It was my birthday!
  • birthday cake and presents
  • and flowers
  • and great weather
  • and good runs
  • and it’s Easter
  • and puppy kisses
  • and 12 books for $3
  • and seeing my family
  • and amazing milkshakes


  • having to be home for more than an hour (it’s a complicated relationship)
  • driving on dirt roads with pot holes
  • rain two days in a row so I couldn’t go running before going away for the weekend
  • mystery bruises
  • rental cars that make it impossible to change the channel unless it’s a pre-programmed channel.

What are your highs and lows for this week?

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17 thoughts on “Saturday Questions #33

    • Haha! Sometimes I need to find the smallest things to make a high, like “I didn’t run out of coffee creamer” but other times I have a list a mile long! It’s great when that happens. But not so great when it’s the low side that is so big. It’s a good little practice to do every day I think. Makes me focus on the positive a bit more


  1. Hi: Sebbie made Pizza
    Just having him home in general
    Sitting in on a Dungeons & Dragons game so I can learn how to run the program at my library

    Low: Sebbie left for a week long work trip to Japan
    It’s ant season
    Had a migraine all day and spent Easter alone
    I’m sad


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