A Call For Help

Ladies and Gentlemen!!

Wait, that’s not how I do things:

PEEPS AND MEEPS! I need your help!

Okies, so once A to Z is over, I can elaborate just a little bit more, but for the time being, please just go with this and don’t ask too many questions. Ok? Great! Embrace the crazy, you should know that by now!

I have something in the works but I need names. Male names specifically. I am HORRIBLE at deciding names for things, so I am asking you folks.

I need at least 28 different men’s names.

That’s a whole heck of a lot!

So if you have a male name that you like, or that you hate, or that you just want me to use, hit me up in the comments below. PLEASE feel free to drop as many as you want, because yesterday I only needed 26 names. So I’m sure I’ll be needing a few more before the end of this.


Love you all for putting up with my insanity!

26 thoughts on “A Call For Help

    • Awesome! I’ve jotted them down and my first four names will be these ones!! I’m trying to disguise identities so I have to change all the names which is sooo hard!! There already is a Sam and Eric for real names but your suggestions won’t be overlapping with them lol

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