#AtoZchallenge: Octopus

“Honey, I only have two hands. I’m not an octopus,” Grace didn’t seem to realize that if I was cleaning up Addy then I couldn’t also help her with her “broken” tower. How Addy got covered in jam I will never know. She is always getting covered in things. Maybe Connor put the jam down before he left for school.

I sigh. How much more time until I’m not the only adult here? I glance at the clock. 11:23 am. Hank gets home at 5:30. I’m not sure I can last that long today.

Sometimes it would be better if I was an octopus. Two hands cleaning whatever sticky mess Addy had gotten into, two helping Grace rebuild her two block tower for the seventh time in as many minutes, two making lunch, two washing up, two folding laundry, two putting it away, two…wait…how many twos was that?

Do those suction cups actually work to suction things? That would be amazing! Just suction Addy up by her back instead of having to get covered in stickiness. Three foot long arms with suction cups? Now if I had that then life would be so much easier!

No time to fantasize now. I’ve got to get some lunch ready or I will have two very cranky three-year-olds to deal with. Lunch then nap time. Whoever invented nap time needs to be declared a saint!

Somehow, I’m not even sure how, i hear the front door open. “DADDY!!!” All three of my angels make a bee line for their daddy. My wonderful Hank.

“Hey babe” he kisses my cheek I hold onto his hug a little bit longer than normal. “Haha! Bad day?”

“I wish I was an octopus,” I say into his shoulder. Trying to steal as much of his energy from that hug as possible.

“OCTOPUS!” Addy yells from the floor. “PAPA’S AN OCTOPUS!” She runs off to find her stuffed octopus. The rest of the night will be spent calling him “papa”.

“We all have those days, Steve.” Hank squeezes me just a little bit harder. I think I can do the rest of the night. “What needs to be done? Hows dinner coming?”

“I just started some pasta and was about to do a salad.”

“Go, sit. I’ve got it.”

I love that man so much. After a full day of work he just jumps in without any down time.

“Papa!! My tower fell!” Grace is crying from the living room, again.

I go to help but Hank stops me. “Connor! Your sister needs you!” He shouts to your six-year-old. Turning to me he gives one more kiss on the cheek “bathtub for you babe. Go be an octopus. Dinner will be ready when you’re done.”

I guess I get to be an octopus after all.

6 thoughts on “#AtoZchallenge: Octopus

  1. Yep, I only had two close in age but I really admire those people who have three or four young ones at once. As a woman we often say that the men would never understand but I guess they would! Very well done.

    Liked by 1 person

    • My mom has two within 15 months. But I’m not sure how people do more than that. I’m overwhelmed with just one toddler as a nanny. I can’t imagine anything more than that lol I’m glad that you enjoyed the story! When I woke up this morning it was VERY different haha! Might have to actually write the story I was planning to some day

      Liked by 1 person

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