Birthday Aftermath

Is everyone still alive? I’m not sure I am. I think I’m now a piece of cake.

Okies, so I started my countdown for my birthday a month ago. I do this every year. On March 15th, it’s time to start transitioning from winter blahs to birthday woohoo’s. And this year I was shocked and amazed at all the love.

The first thing to happen was shopping with the mister. I needed new shoes and apparently I needed to be spoiled so two weeks ago we went shopping, and I compromised a little bit and allowed him to buy me one pair of flats. The cheapest thing I was getting.

Then this Friday, at my small group bible study, they surprised me with a cake. My group is run by the associate pastor of our church and during our meal together (we meet at 7pm every other Friday so we just have two people cook dinner and we eat together before our session) he mentioned “Oh Monday is a special day for someone” and of course because I’m five I’m like “ME!!!! ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!” and a round of happy birthday’s came from the table and I just thought that was it! BUT NO!!! One of the ladies baked me a cake. A GIANT DELICIOUS CAKE!

Which I had to take home half of it because after 12 adults had their share there was still half of it left! It’s so yummy! But so dense and covered in almonds so I can’t share it with my kids because of allergies. So I took all the fresh fruit off the top and froze most of what was left.

Then, on Saturday, I bought myself a hippo mug:

It was $4 at Walmart and I couldn’t just leave him there! And it’s my birthday so I deserve a present.

Then yesterday happened. And it was amazing! All the love from everyone was great. The mom I work for dropped off school lunches for the students who live here and said the kids had a surprised waiting for me at the house. They usually celebrate all birthdays with a card signed by everyone and then a cake. So I kind of knew something was going to happen.

Not only did they get me a cake, but they got me an ice cream cake. A Toronto Maple Leafs ice cream cake!! With RINGS ON IT!! I can’t show the whole thing because it had my name written on it, but here have this artsy shot:

LIKE OMG!! 1st stood at the door and yelled “GIGGLING FATTIE!! Do you like maple leaves?” as if I was supposed to know what context she was talking about so I hesitantly said “….yes….?” hoping she wasn’t going to come and throw a bunch all over me. But this is why and OMG I’m so happy! 3rd said he told his mom that I loved men’s hockey much more than women’s hockey but he didn’t know which team I liked so he just guessed. Way to go dude.

Then the family gave me flowers, which 3rd and 4th picked out all by themselves! Thinking my favourite colours were pink and purples. Pink yes, purple not so much, but for flowers it’s the smell that counts not the colour and these flowers are sooo beautiful and smell AMAZING!! And there is one gerber daisy in there which is my favourite flower!

AND THEN, as if that wasn’t enough, 4th made me a drawing which is on my fridge and she bought me a present. It’s a string of hippo lights! Which I didn’t even think existed!!! BUT THEY ARE PINK AND I LOVE THEM!! And then she wrote me a card I wasn’t allowed to read out loud but I’m sharing it with you because I know you won’t tell on me.

Please ignore the spelling mistakes. She’s adorable.

And 2nd said in a very cryptic way “my present for you is coming at a later date.”

So now my birthday is over for another year, but apparently my mom has something planned for when I go home for Easter next weekend. It will include cupcakes, I know that for sure. So I will be running and jumping on the trampoline a LOT this week to keep all those extra pounds off from all the cakes.

Of course, as I’m sure you all have heard, the Notre-Dame Cathedral also burned down yesterday. I shall add it to the list of horrible things that happen on my birthday. So far the list contains: Abraham Lincoln pronounced dead, the Titanic hits the bottom of the ocean floor, the Boston Marathon bombing, Notre-Dame.

20 thoughts on “Birthday Aftermath

    • Aww thank you G! ๐Ÿ˜˜ I really did have an amazing day and Iโ€™m so glad I got to share it with some great people!! 4th did keep me out on the trampoline for over an hour though lol my legs are KILLING me still

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