Nail Art Sunday: Birthday Nails

It’s that time of year again! It’s almost my birthday!! Which means that it’s time for yet another birthday nail design!

So this year my birthday falls on a Monday (tomorrow!!) which is perfect! I did my nails Friday on my day off, Saturday I was super careful at work with the washing and stuff and then now I have pretty manicured nails for my birthday!

I had a few designs that I wanted to use and sent my best friend liked 6 different pictures but I said that I liked the second to last one best. She liked the last one best. So I decided to combine the two together!

Here are my inspiration pictures, first the one that I liked, and then the one that she liked:

So from the first design, I liked the dots and from the second I liked the number and the balloons. But I think that having your age on your nails is like a teenager thing. At 32 I wasn’t as excited to have the age on there so I went with the balloons.

This year has really had me branching out in my nail art and liking the idea of having more than one accent nail, and sometimes having more than one design on those nails as well.

So sit back and enjoy this video that I have made for you showing you how I went about getting my amazing birthday nails.

For those of you who don’t want to watch the how-to, here is just an amazing picture of my nails. HECK YES!

My other hand has the thumb with the balloons but the dots are shifted over one so that my pinky is purple and the middle two fingers are white.

15 thoughts on “Nail Art Sunday: Birthday Nails

  1. I’m loving your nails!!! I’ve just done mine, plain Barry M in Mango from the Gelly Shine range with an accent nail on each ring finger, which I topped with Barry M Feather Nail Effects in Bubblegum! I miss doing proper nail art on my nails. If you ever want to come to the UK (specifically Wales) then come do my nails!!! Xxx

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  2. Oooh, I love those nails! It reminds me I should make an effort and paint mine!

    And… A very, very happy birthday to you! I hope you have the best day, filled with love, laugher and all the cake. Sending you a big hug from the UK! xx

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