#AtoZchallenge : Lion

#AtoZChallenge 2019 Tenth Anniversary blogging from A to Z challenge letter

Leonard the lion was a fair and good king of the jungle. His subjects respected him greatly, and even though he was a lion, no one was fearful of him.

Leonard liked to walk this kingdom every day. He would wake early with the sun and the songbirds, feast with his pack, and spend his day roaming with his subjects. For a good king knows his subjects and walks amongst them.

One day, as Leonard was strolling, he came upon a little red-billed buffalo weaver named Patrice. Patrice was always a happy little bird, hopping from here to there, chatting with Leonard about the day’s events whenever she saw him. But today, Patrice did not even great her king as he walked by.

“Patrice,” Leonard roared, “Do you have no news for your king today?”

“King Leonard!” Patrice startled. “Oh great King, I am very upset today!”

“Come little one, sit and tell me your woes.”

King Leonard found a comfortable stop to sit, and Patrice came as close as she dared to tell her story. Hopping around distractedly as she spoke.

“King Leonard – last evening, as I was preparing for rest, a great shutter came to my little home. My nest rattled on its branch. My neighbours, Betsy and Carl, felt it too! As did Larry and Joan. Our entire tree was no longer stable. Then this morning, I left as I normally do to find food with the rest, and when we returned, our tree was no longer there! It was gone my King! And now we have nowhere to go!”

King Leonard thought about this for a moment. A great tree like Patrice’s could not just disappear. He asked her to take him to where it was supposed to be.

They arrived at the place where the tree used to stand. And it was, in fact, gone. There was nothing left but a stump. But there were strange objects laying on the ground. Ones made of wood and something shiny and sharp. King Leonard had seen these before. They were tools from man.

“Patrice, I am sorry little one, but your home has been taken and will not come back. Come, bring your friends who also lost their homes, you will stay with the lions this evening.”

Patrice found the others who shared her tree and all of them spent the night in the comfort and protection of the lions. In the morning the word had spread that the little birds were in need of a new home. Birds and animals joined together to help them out. The animals would gather supplies, while the other birds built up new nests in a new tree. All five of them were going to be able to stay together.

At the end of the day, Patrice and her friends all had new nests, soft and warm. They gratefully settled into their new homes, and King Leonard had a ceremony to thank his subjects for their hard work that day.

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