#AtoZchallenge : Jet

#AtoZChallenge 2019 Tenth Anniversary blogging from A to Z challenge letter

In school, Anthony’s class was learning about the second world war. He knew lots about that war. His grandpa had fought in it, and he grew up hearing lots of stories about what it was like to fight in the war.

One thing that Anthony always liked to hear about were the fighter jets. The pilots got to go way up in the air and shoot at other planes. Sometimes, when Anthony was at home, he would pretend that he was in his very own fighter jet and fly around the living room. His arms stretched out like jet wings, using his mouth to make shooting noises whenever the cat came in to investigate what he was doing.

When Anthony’s teacher said they were starting their social studies unit on world war two, he was thrilled! He was able to share everything he knew about the war, and he even had his grandpa and his grandpa’s friends come in to talk to his class. That was his most favourite day. Jerry, one of his grandpa’s closests friends, was a fighter jet pilot. Anthony loved to hear all of Jerry’s stories.

Soon it was final project time. Anthony’s teacher usually told them what they had to do, maybe write a little speech or fill a poster board. But this time, his teacher said they could do anything they wanted!

Anthony knew he wanted to talk about fighter jets. There was no other choice for him. Even though it was going to be a lot of work, Anthony decided to make a poster board and a speech.

Anthony spent the next week creating the most perfect poster board he could think of. He cut and glued and organized. He actually had to use two poster boards to make it all fit!

When he stood up to present, Anthony’s class went very quiet. They were amazed at how much work he had put into his project. He stood the boards up at the front of the class, and went over every single detail that was on them. Anthony’s eyes lit up as he explained as much about fighter jets as he possibly could. Just as he was about to finish, Anthony spread his wings out just like he always did at home, and flew around the classroom. This got a lot of giggles from almost every student. When he reached the front again, he put his arms down to recite the poem he wrote:

I wish I was a fighter jet,
The fastest that you’ve ever met.
And when I reach the highest peak,
The enemy is there to meet.

I’ll dance and fly around the sky,
Pray those I shoot down don’t die.
I want to win the nobel fight, 
I’ll find my targets late at night.

I’ll scan the skies with both my eyes,
And remember to look out for spies.
For in my cockpit way up high,
Is where I like my jet to fly.

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