Phone Free Harry Potter

I’ve decided to take one of my “phone free” afternoons, and I also decided to watch the first Harry Potter movie while I was doing so.

I usually check my phone multiple times during a movie or tv show, especially if I have seen whatever I’m watching before. And I have honestly seen this Harry Potter movie so many times I can’t even count! But this time I wanted to keep my mind focused on the movie, well as much as possible since my mind is elsewhere today. But while I was watching, I had a few questions come to mind. I’m sure they aren’t new questions, I bet the internet has heard them many times before, but since I didn’t have my phone to send them to my brother to get sassy answers, I am going to pose them to you.

  1. How did Hogwarts know that Harry didn’t open his acceptance letter? Like they kept sending them, why? I’ve been accepted to many school programs in my life (I’ve applied to about 10 programs since high school) and if I didn’t respond to one of the offers, I never heard from that school again.
  2. Do all witches have to go to Hogwarts? What if I got my acceptance letter and decided that I don’t want a wizarding education for my powers
  3. What happens if my parents decide that they don’t want me to go to a wizarding school?
  4. Are there witches that aren’t accepted to Hogwarts? How do you apply? Harry’s name was written down somewhere when he was born, how did they know then that he had powers? Why didn’t he have to apply like everyone else? If there is no application then is he really accepted?
  5. How would a muggle parent know they have a magical child? And also, how did Hogwarts know about them? Harry came from a magical family so obviously when he was born they could “register” him for Hogwarts, but Herminone’s family had no idea. How did she get “accepted” if her name wasn’t on the list?
  6. Going off of that, how were non-magical parents ok with their children going to Hogwarts?! Like sure, one day a letter arrives in the mail saying my child has been accepted into a “magical school” and I’m just supposed to send them off? Alright then…
  7. During their flying lesson, why couldn’t Madame Hooch stop Neville’s broom? He clearly couldn’t control it. What was the purpose of her being there if she wasn’t able to control it? Why couldn’t she have used a spell to help him stop before landing on the ground and breaking his wrist? What kind of teacher is this?!
  8. When Ron, Hermione, and Harry were playing wizard chess to get to the stone, what would have happened if only Harry showed up? They were able to play because there were 2 empty spots and Ron jumped on one of the knights – BUT what if only Harry showed up? There would have been an empty space on the board, could he had still played?
  9. Why would Professor Quirrel choke Harry, but Harry could burn him? Like I get it, Harry couldn’t touch Voldemort so when he put his hands on Quirrel’s face, he turned to ashes, but shouldn’t it have been the other way too? Quirrel touches Harry so he should have started to burn! Otherwise, why did Voldemort make such a big show about being able to touch Harry in the graveyard after the Tri-Wizard Tournament?
  10. Why was Dumbledore so rude and just took some of Harry’s cand in the hospital?! Like did he ASK if he could have one of those flavoured beans? NOOOOO he just took one. Serves him right to get an earwax flavoured one.

If you have the answers to any of these questions, please let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear your thoughts on things.

20 thoughts on “Phone Free Harry Potter

  1. I believe it has been said that children do not have to go to Hogwarts. They can opt for an at home education. I’d imagine not having OWLS and NEWTS would make job hunting difficult. I believe they could also opt to go to other schools. I believe I remember Draco saying he wanted to go to Durmstang (sp?). I think perhaps they can apply to other schools should they choose.

    As far as Hogwarts knowing about magical children from non-magical families I believe it could have something to do with the trace that is on them before they turn 17.

    I would read a book about muggle parents not wanting their magical children going to Hogwarts lol. I am sure it has happened. I know for instance if Dudley was magical they would not want him to go!

    As for the letter maybe there is a magical seal? Knowing that the Dursleys would be against it there could be extra provisions to make sure Harry knows about his place? He also had people watching him from the sidelines making sure it was okayish lol

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  2. You ask some pretty good questions there. I’m afraid I just watch the movie and take everything that I can’t figure out as just being part of the movie. Now I’ll have to watch it again for those parts!

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  3. This post intrigued me and I’m going to do my best to answer your questions! 🙂
    1. Magic! Hagrid himself admitted to putting magic on his letters. He followed Harry around and figured out that he wasn’t getting his letters due to his uncle. That’s when he finally came forward and gave him the letter in person.
    2. No, witches/wizards do not have to go to Hogwarts. This does mean, however, that they have to conceal themselves and not use accidental magic in front of Muggles. Also, more than likely this means that they will be homeschooled. Also don’t forget that Hogwarts is not the only magical school and parents do have the option of sending their children to different schools.
    3. I pretty much answered this already. 🙂 They have to be homseschooled, transferred, or entered into a Muggle school and carefully monitored.
    4. As to not getting in, Rowling herself has said that there is no fee for attending Hogwarts. The only fees are school supplies essentially. Squibs and Muggles are the only children who aren’t allowed in and it’s because they are not listed in the “The Quill of Acceptance and the Book of Admittance”. It’s basically a list of magical children in Britain. 🙂
    5. ^^^That list shows all of the children who are magical. Whether they started showing their powers right away or a little later on, every child that gets a letter will be on that list. So the Grangers didn’t have to apply because they had eyes on her. Harry was closely watched due to his background.
    6. Most parents see their child acting strangely and want answers. For example, Lilly (Harry’s mom) practiced small bits of magic and liked it but knowing what it meant helped out her family a lot, with the exeption of Petunia. And really this was only because Petunia was not allowed in Hogwarts due to her not being magical. So once the parents, and the magical child, get the letter and find out about the school, they usually have a few months to get ready before school starts. This means time to get used to the idea, time to accept it, and time to enjoy it.
    7. To be honest, Madam Hooch always freaked me out. I don’t really have an answer for this one except maybe she was thrown off guard? Neville was also a clutz so who knows.
    8. I don’t think they could have played wizard’s chess. Now here’s the thing, in the book Ron tells the pieces that the three of them will replace those pieces and continue on. But the movie….? 🙂 And the pieces are ‘smashed’ but can be put back together with magic so I’m guessing that they can put themselves back together eventually. Here’s the real mystery to me: How did Quirrel get past wizard’s chess alone?
    9. Honestly, your guess is as good as mine. (Sorry!)
    10. I honestly saw it as Dumbledore showing a side of fun to him. That he’s not afraid to eat candy, join in the the kids and have a joke, and then get ear wax of course. It made Harry smile so that’s even better!

    I know this was like the longest comment ever and I hope it didn’t annoy you. I’m a huge HP geek so I hope I could help even in just the slightest. Feel free to message me if you wanna geek out together! 😀

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    • Haha omg this was totally great! I love the Internet for this very reason! Thanks so much for finding me and answering all my questions ☺️ I did a “Harry Potter” themed A to Z a few years back, you can find it under the category “A to Z 2017” from the menu on the side if you wanted to read more posts on Harry Potter!


  4. Since I read the comments and Aimee pretty much answered the questions the way I would have answered them,You already have my answers.
    Except in 9) , I don’t know if it will make sense to you, but here it goes:
    When Quirrel touched Harry, it was only Quirrel who was touching him, Voldemort was just a part of him and hadn’t taken over Quirrel completely. But when Harry touched Quirrel, he was also touching Voldemort, who wasn’t in his full form and hence weak and that’s why it affected him and in turn affected Quirrel. But in the Triwizard Tournament he was back and stronger and maybe that’s why could touch Harry without having any impact!
    10) I don’t think Dumbledore was rude at all 🙂

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  5. I’m gonna give these a shot, even though I’m late in responding to this post and plenty of others have given, I’m sure, stellar answers. I’m not reading anyone else’s answers yet, though. I don’t want to influence my own responses…

    1. I can only assume that Harry’s letters had some kind of read notification turned on. Like when you send a text and you can see whether or not the recipient has read your message or is just letting it sit there unopened.
    2. I’m no expert in wizarding law, but I imagine there must be some kind of rule stating that a young witch or wizard must receive a proper magical education. Kind of like how we have truancy laws requiring kids under a certain age to attend so many days of school. Besides, this can be dangerous with a young, untrained witch or wizard, as we’ve seen in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. All that power, unexpressed and undisciplined can lead to the creation of an obscurial. No one wants that.
    3. See answer 2… I’d bet that, just like when parents here get in trouble for not making their kids go to school, magical parents would get into trouble for not providing their kids with a magical education. Perhaps there could be an argument made for homeschooling, but I’m certain that would be heavily regulated by the Ministry of Magic.
    4. I’ve always thought that the Ministry just sort of kept tabs on underage magic users. They mention that underage wizards and witches have a “trace” on them, which allows the Ministry to keep track of who’s using magic outside of Hogwarts, which can lead to expulsion. I’m not sure about muggle-borns, though. Maybe the Ministry just puts a trace on every newborn in England, that way they can be ready to send a Hogwarts letter to any child that exhibits magical ability.
    5. See number 4…
    6. I imagine this is like sending your child to any other boarding school. I have no idea how common a practice this is in England. I got the sense that Smeltings, the school Dudley would be attending at the same time Harry was going off to Hogwarts, was a boarding school. So the Dursley’s would have enjoyed an empty nest for roughly nine months out of the year.
    7. Yeah… I’ve had a problem with that, too. Those brooms should all have been jinxed so that they couldn’t lift off the ground more than five feet or so. That would have made losing control and breaking the rules impossible at that level. But then we’d have never gotten Harry on the Quidditch team. Also, yes, she should have used arresto momentum, the same spell Dumbledore used on Harry during his third year Quidditch game when he was attacked by a dementor.
    8. This was done better in the book. When Ron decided what pieces they would play as, he directed those pieces off the board so they could take their places. I think…
    9. I’m trying to remember… Maybe this is a movie mistake. I think, in the book, that Quirrell’s hands began to burn when he touched Harry. Voldemort was able to touch Harry because part of the reviving spell involved using Harry’s blood. Voldemort having Harry’s blood in his system put them on equal footing. I think… It’s been a while since I read the first one…
    10. When the Headmaster wants to take some candy, he gets to take some candy. Perks of being the Headmaster. Besides, Ron took all of Harry’s chocolate frogs.

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    • Again, another totally amazing reply! Thanks Aaron! Although, I’m still holding firm to my belief that Dumbledore should have at least ASKED to take the candy, like even just a “may I?” as he reached into the box. I feel like a proper British gentleman like himself would have known to do this. Also, Harry was sleeping when Ron took his chocolate frogs and we all know Ron just wants the cards haha. AND having your best friend take some candy is way different than a headmaster.

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  6. This is why I knit while watching TV. I’m not tempted to use my phone. (I’d try to think up some answers for you, but my brain is fried. Did you consider tweeting some of these questions to JK Rowlings?)


    • Haha they aren’t that important to bother her with, but I know I have lots of Potter Heads as followers and I have been very thoroughly educated! I knit and crochet and cross stitch while watching tv too! But I’m still distracted by my phone. Yesterday was an “I can’t feel bad for avoiding your messages if my phone is off and I didn’t receive them” type of phone off day lol


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