#AtoZchallenge : Fox

#AtoZChallenge 2019 Tenth Anniversary blogging from A to Z challenge letter


Sally was a silly little fox.
She loved to have her feet in socks.
She always played down at the docks,
In hopes that she would get some lox.

One day Sally was in the field,
Suddenly she stopped and squealed!
She had stepped on a spiky shield,
Her broken foot needed to be healed!

Back at home, she laid in bed,
Her long red tail under her resting head.
Looking at her socks with lots of dread,
She feared she’d never get to leave her homestead.

Weeks went by and still no wearing,
Of the socks that Sally loved sharing.
Every day was spent just staring,
At the bandages she wanted to be tearing.

Finally the doctor did approve,
That the bandages were set to be removed.
Sally practically made a groove,
In the floor as she was on the move!

Little Miss Sally was back in socks,
The first thing she did was run for the docks!
All her friends had dressed in their best frocks
To welcome her back, and enjoy some lox.

13 thoughts on “#AtoZchallenge : Fox

  1. Dunno, I think you should be very happy with this. I know the time constraints you are writing under so writing a poem (a rhyming poem!) is a great effort!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Fantastic! I just stretched the picture as large as the new editor would let me before it got to the edge but then the pictures looked all fuzzy so I think that I will keep the word in the title going forward 🙂


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