#AtoZchallenge : Earth

#AtoZChallenge 2019 Tenth Anniversary blogging from A to Z challenge letter

“Where are we?” I looked out the window trying to figure out how far we had traveled while I was sleeping.

“Shh….go back to sleep. We still have a little more to go.”

My new partner look so perfect sitting there behind the wheel. His face being lightly haloed by the soft light streaming in through the window on the other side of his face.

I reached up and gently passed my thumb across his cheek and down his beard. He turned slightly to kiss my palm. I loved that beard. It was strange, I had been revolted by anyone else with facial hair up until I was paired with him, but then there he was, all facial haired up and I was loving every single folicle of it.

I curled up as much as I could in my seat, pulling the little blanket in close that he had placed on my lap sometime during the night.

“Do you want me to take over driving? You must be tired.”

“No, it’s alright, I took a nap a few hours ago. The auto-pilot on this thing is amazing.”

He was right, of course, he was usually right about these things. When we were paired together, we seemed to compliment each other perfectly. I guess that’s why the council thought we’d make a good match. Where my knowledge of things lacked, like on the specs of the newest line of hyper-drive jumping space rovers, his filled in the gaps.

This one was really nice. Heated seats, top of the line navigation systems, a fully operational living space for those longer travels. It was like our entire living module was placed inside the rover. It was amazing.

But what made this journey amazing was him. We never ran out of things to talk about, but when we needed some quiet it wasn’t awkward at all. Just content. Sitting there together, flying past ancient galaxies that had long since died out.

That was the reason for our journey. The council knew our galaxy was dying out. We needed a new option for our civiliation to continue to thrive. There was nothing to be done. It wasn’t anything our people had neglected, but just the lifespan of the galaxy. The stars were dying. As they naturally do. In a few million years, when the gasses resettled and regrouped, it would be habitable again. But we’d need something in the meantime.

And that’s where we came in. The council needed volunteers to go to different galaxies to see which ones would be the best for our people. We didn’t need a huge space, just a few hundred thousand stars. They ran a lottery to select the partners going. We had only been paired for a few hundred years when this happened. It was very uncommon for such a young match to be chosen. But once our names were drawn, we had to go. And then there was another lottery for our destination – a place we had never heard of before, but one that we were excited to explore: Earth.

10 thoughts on “#AtoZchallenge : Earth

    • Im so happy you enjoyed it! It was originally supposed to be a cutesie little story like the previous ones but this is what happens when I have brunch plans at 10 and I sit to write at 9 haha!!

      And I used to only like a little bit of scruff on a guy but I’ve branched out in the last little bit lol It really does depend on the person it’s on I think


  1. Haha, you caught me out because I was expecting it to be some cutesy animal curled up in a car with its new owner (not being able to see the picture on the blanket) so it took my brain a few beats to catch up with what I was reading.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh dangs! haha!! That would have been a cute story! I was going to do something cute and was planning on it, still with the aliens though, but then that’s what came out when I started typing.

      This is the second time you haven’t been able to see the picture on the carpet! I will try to make it bigger from now on! 🙂 Or add the word in the title? That might help too


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