#AtoZchallenge : Deer

#AtoZChallenge 2019 Tenth Anniversary blogging from A to Z challenge letter

Edgar lived on the same farm his entire life. When he was younger, Edgar’s parents had cows, chickens, and pigs. They also grew vegetables in the fields. Edgar loved to help with the animals. That was always his favourite thing to do.

Just not with the pigs. The pigs and Edgar did not get along.

One day, while Edgar was playing in the grass beside the farmhouse, the biggest sow (that’s a female pig) came out of the barn. She was a mean sow. She always had a bad attitude. Edgar didn’t see her come out of the barn, but she saw him! In the middle of chasing a butterfly around some flowers, Edgar heard a loud noise, almost like an elephant’s trumpet!


He looked up in shock! The sow was running right at him at full speed!!! Luckily, Edgar was a fast thinker! He knew pigs can’t climb, you know, they don’t have the feet for it. So he ran as fast as he could and climbed the closest tree. He got there just in time to avoid being struck by that angry sow.

When Edgar grew up and took over the farm, the pigs were the first to go.

Edgar kept the rest of the farm the same way his parents had it for a few years, but he eventually started getting tired of all the hard work. He decided that he would just be a cow farm. He sold all his chickens to a friend down the road.

Keeping cows was hard work! Not only do you have to feed them and keep them safe, but you also have to milk them. Twice a day! That was a lot of work for just poor Edgar. But Edgar wanted to keep his cows happy.

Something that Edgar liked to do was to wake up early and sit on his front porch to watch the sunrise. As he was sitting there one quiet morning, with the mist still lingering over the cornfield, Edgar saw something moving. He leaned forward in his chair and looked harder. Soon he saw a deer! Not just one, but a whole family of them! They were slowly walking through the cornfield, eating little bits of grass from along the rows.

Edgar watched them with amazement for a few minutes and then he started to get the most wonderful idea! He did his chores with the cows and let them out into the pasture to graze. Then he started to make some phone calls. He was going to have deer on his farm! He sold his herd of cows to his neighbour and replaced them with a herd of deer.

Every morning, Edgar woke up with a new excitement! He was happier than he had ever been. Once he was used to caring for his new group of deer, Edgar decided he was ok to have a few more animals on his farm. He bought a few chickens to liven up the barnyard. And he even considered buying a pig or two. As long as they were nice.

21 thoughts on “#AtoZchallenge : Deer

  1. Funny! I will assume for the sake of the story that Edgar was somehow independently wealthy? Selling his farm animals so he could keep deer on his land? Unless he opened it to hunters he’s just shot himself in the foot (at first no pun intended, but then it worked!). Maybe I am too literal!
    After the true rabbit story, I wondered if any of this one was true! Lots of stories from farm life!

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    • Lol Edgar raised the deer the same as beef farmers raise cows. Deer meat is delicious 🤤 and yes! I never expected to use so much from my personal life but when it’s 9am and I have to write a story it’s easy enough to use my own life as inspiration lol


  2. loved this, we see deer on the roads and in the fields every day up here. Most of the local farmers and landowners see them as ‘vermin’, which when you think about it, could be a mutual feeling, the deer could see humans that way. Anyhoo, nicely told.

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    • Yeah I totally get that feeling of them being a nuisance! My uncle had a nice herd of about 100 when I was growing up. I think being around him raising them for market changed my perspective a little bit haha! Now whenever I see them I just think of deer sausage 😐 possibly not the best thought, but certainly a delicious one! Hehe

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