#AtoZchallenge : Cake

#AtoZChallenge 2019 Tenth Anniversary blogging from A to Z challenge letter

In my mind, it was already perfection. I had stayed up all night planning it. Going over every single detail again and again until I knew that I had it right.

The first tier would be massive! I’ll have to put the stand right onto the cart and build from there. Remember, lock the wheels before you start! Since it’s so big, it will have to be a rectangle. The biggest pan I have. And layered. Every tier will be layered. Vanilla base with buttercream frosting and strawberry jam between each layer. The bottom will be 3 of my largest rectangles stacked on top of each other.

Make sure you get support. You can’t have this thing collapsing in on itself. How horrible would that be?! My reputation would be ruined!

Ok, the first tier is done. Onto the next! One more rectangle I think. But this time, smaller. Centred right in the middle of the largest one. Again, three layers of cake, frosting, and jam. More support but this time off to the side.

The third tier is going to be round. I know, that sounds crazy, but I’m going to do it anyway! This is ART, isn’t it?! The rounds go on top of the smaller rectangle, but off to the left. not in the middle. I’m making a masterpiece here, people! Get with the program! Three more layers, and more support.

Now, the last tier. It’s already taller than my head. Get the stool so you don’t knock it over. There’s no shame in being safe. Since this is the very top, let’s be even more extra and put FIVE layers! FIVE I SAID! We can do it! It’s going to be ok! Just take your time and get it right.

Now onto the outside. Frosting all around it, first the messy layer and then white all the way from the top to the bottom. Make it thin, we have lots of decorations to do! Someone start making flowers from chocolate. Another, start mixing our pastel frosting colours. It’s going to be a massive flower waterfall going all the way from the top to the bottom. A bunch of chocolate flowers on the top. Don’t just put all the pink ones there! Mix the colours up! Make a pool of them at the bottom as well.

Now let’s move on to the rest of the decorations. Pastel frosting swirls scattered around the empty white space and around the flowers. Add some flowers to the back as well, make it look like they are flowing down, drifting away from the waterfall. Add some tasty pearls, and maybe some lustre dust.

Yes! It’s coming together now! My creation is living up to my dream! It’s working!!! It’s not falling over!!



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