#AtoZchallenge : Bunny

#AtoZChallenge 2019 Tenth Anniversary blogging from A to Z challenge letter

Lilly and Carl lived with their parents in an old farmhouse in a small town. Lilly and Carl were very close in age, only a year apart. Because they were so close in age, they were also great friends.

One day, Lily and Carl’s parents took them to a farm just on the outside of their small little town. When they arrived, Lily and Carl looked out their car windows with wonder and excitement! There was a herd of cattle behind a fence, some sheep in the field, bunnies in cages along the side of the barn, and was that a donkey by the apple trees?

They got out of the car and met the farmer who owned all the animals. He was a friend of their mom and dad. He told them that his animals were kind and gentle but still not pets. They could watch them safely from a distance, and if they came up to the fence the children could pet them. Unless it was the donkey. Hank was used to children and loved to have his ears scratched.

Lily and Carl spent the whole afternoon running around the farm playing games and petting animals that ventured up to the fence. They pet Hank, scratched his ears, and fed him apples from the ground. He followed them around all day trying to get more ear scratches.

At the end of the day, Lilly and Carl went back to their car and saw that their parents had a surprise for them! In the back seat of the car sat a cage, and inside was a little brown bunny.

“WOW!” Carl jumped back when he saw her.

“Is she for us?!” Lilly clasped her hands over her mouth.

Lilly and Carl took their new little bunny home. They couldn’t think of a name to call her so they just started calling her “Bunny”. That seemed to stick and Bunny was loved by the children very much.

After a few weeks, the children noticed that Bunny was starting to look a little bigger – especially around her middle. Lilly and Carl’s parents called the farmer. He came to look at her, and said that Bunny was going to have babies! Carl and Lilly were so excited! But their parents were not.

When it was time, Bunny had five babies. At first, they didn’t look too much like bunnies but soon they grew fur and started to hop around just like their mom. Carl and Lilly were told they could each pick one baby bunny to keep and the others would go to different homes.

Once the babies were old enough, Carl and Lill took their bunnies to school to show their classmates and had a vote in their classes on what to name them. Lilly’s baby was named Thumper, and Carl’s was Lightening.

The children brought their bunnies home, giving them their own little cages. After that, anywhere that Lilly went, Thumper went with her. And anywhere that Carl went, so did Lightening.

24 thoughts on “#AtoZchallenge : Bunny

  1. Cute story. We had Guinea pigs already pregnant (they need to be separated at 3 weeks!), then a “boy” that wasn’t! One of her babies needed three trips to the vet to finally find out she was a girl! They lived as a family, once dad was neutered!

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  2. Love the Bunny story.

    When I was a kid, we had a cat who then had kittens. The cat came to us with a name, but my siblings and I were responsible for naming the kittens. Originality was not our strong suit. We named the black one Black Kitty, the gray one Gray Kitty, and the striped one Striped Kitty. I got to name the calico. I chose Julie, but I have no idea why.

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    • HAHA awesome names!! That’s so cute! We got a puppy a few years later and named him Buttons – because the first day we had him he was chewing on the buttons on the couch lol kids think of the craziest names for things


  3. As I was reading I wondered if there was any truth to the story (just had that feel0. So glad you tweaked the stroy to be a little less traumatic than reality!

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