#AtoZchallenge : Alligator

#AtoZChallenge 2019 Tenth Anniversary blogging from A to Z challenge letter

Alfie was a young alligator. He liked to do things that most alligators like to do, but his favourite thing was to sit beside his pond with his best friend, Amelia. This was strange because Amelia was an armadillo. Every day, they would meet up on their favourite rocks and spend as much time as possible together. 

Alfie’s mama always warned him that he was not to stray too far away from the pond. As a reptile, he needed to be able to control his body temperature by slipping into the water when he was too hot, and climbing out again when he was too cool. 

One day, Alfie and Amelia decided that they wanted to go on an adventure! Sitting by the side of the pond wasn’t exciting enough for them. They were young, curious, and needing to change up their daily routine. 

They decided that the next morning they would quietly sneak away and play by the big tree a little bit away from the pond. It didn’t look too far, and they decided they could easily get there and back without anyone noticing. 

The morning of their big adventure arrived! Alfie and Amelia patiently waited until their adults were both distracted. 

“Let’s go!” whispered Alfie when he saw his mama’s back turn to discipline his younger sister. 

“Ok, she’s not looking!” Amelia replied as her mom was running after three of her brothers who were starting a fight. 

Aflie and Amelia gave one last look around, and started to run off towards the big tree! They were so excited! They had never left the pond before! 

Soon enough, the morning sun started to heat up the earth and the air, and Alfie started to get very hot from running. He wished he was still back at the pond so that he could slip into the cool water for a few minutes. 

After a little while longer, Alfie had to stop. 

“Amelia,” he groaned, “I need to rest!” 

“We’re not at the tree yet, Alfie! Just a little bit further!” 

“It’s too hot,” his lips parched as he spoke. “I can’t go any further.” 

Amelia looked at her friend who was laying as flat as he could on the earth, trying to get a little bit of coolness on his scaley skin. 

“What can I do to help?” 

“I think I need my mom…” 

Amelia knew they had made a mistake. She ran back to the pond. She explained to Alfie’s mama what they were trying to do, and what had happened. Alfie’s mama sighed, this was not the first time one of her little ones had tried to venture away from the pond. 

Alfie and Amelia had to spend a week doing extra chores for their parents. But on the next cool day, both the Gator and the Dillo families all went on a picnic to the big tree. The shade of the tree was refreshing for the Gators, and the heat from the sun warmed their scales. Aflie and Amelia had their adventure after all. 

13 thoughts on “#AtoZchallenge : Alligator

    • Awww thanks Stephanie!! I’m sure not all of them will have lessons haha and I might have to start writing the day before, this morning I was like “omg what do I write?!?” It was hard!


  1. T, you left it until morning of!!! You are nuts, girl. Definitely write them the day before – or even start writing a few a day to get a little ahead in case of….whatever. But you’ve done an awesome job with Alfie =)

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