Saturday Questions 30

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My dream job would be to care for baby hippos!!

Hehe, I could totally end my post right there.

But I think I will give it a little bit more of a response:

I honestly love working with children. I have loved being a nanny to my kids and the toddler. So I think some sort of job around kids is best for me. It just matches my personality so well.

I think, like most bloggers, a dream job for me would include writing books. I have this great idea for a children’s book that I have almost mostly all planned out and I’m 99% sure nothing like it exists right now. I would LOVE to get paid to write.

Or to sell my photographs.

Or to blog haha!

What is your dream job?

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Ps: sorry to everyone today, this blog has a lot of business to attend to, there will be multiple posts. Love you all xoxo

8 thoughts on “Saturday Questions 30

  1. We actually just had this as an icebreaker question at my small group last week. Assuming that this dream includes the talent to perform said dream job, I’d love to be a comic book artist and writer. I’m a decent artist and can usually nail a drawing if I’m looking at something, but I struggle when it comes to imagining an image in my head and putting it to paper. Probably the kind of thing where natural talent could develop if I’d spend a significant amount of time on it. But that’s where real life comes in. Who has the time… unless I were actually to try and make it a career.

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