Writing Outlets

Who likes to write?!

We do!!

Where do we write?

The places mentioned below! 

Ok peeps, I know, two posts in one day, but this one is important!

Just so you know, Write Club (like fight club but for writers) has opened its submission window for entries for this year’s contest.

I entered for the first time last year and I will be entering again this year. Last year I wrote something really quickly for it, but over the summer I wrote a short story and will be using that as my submission.

It’s a round robin type deal, and it is going on during the last half of A to Z so it’s a little overwhelming. Last year, since I pre-scheduled all my A to Z posts I was able to do both. I’m not sure how I will keep up this year but I sure as heck am going to try!

So to enter, you need a 500-word original, never been posted anywhere else, piece. You must have a pen name and you can’t promote your entry if you get into the contest. You have until April 14th to enter (ps: that’s the day before my birthday!) and then the voting starts shortly after that. And you can win real prizes. Like gift cards for BOOKSTORES real prizes. That’s going off of last year, I honestly have no idea yet what the prizes are this year. I’ll figure that out later. 

To enter, or to read the details, click here.

Also, just a gentle reminder that voting closes for my A to Z theme tomorrow. I can’t believe that it starts on Monday!! MONDAY!!!! I am so not ready for this to happen but it’s going to be great! Click here to vote.

If you haven’t signed up for A to Z, I highly recommend it! Even if you don’t finish, it’s a great way to interact with other bloggers and read new and interesting things. Finishing the challenge is just the cherry on the top of an already awesome experience.

Happy writing my loves!

2 thoughts on “Writing Outlets

  1. I need to work on my ms if I have any free time, and am awful at shorts, so that one isn’t for me. Good luck, T!! And I hear you on the A-Z. By this time last year I had all my posts written…but I am only up to J. Big weekend of writing blogs entries I think.

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    • I haven’t written anything yet lol this year I’m not allowing myself to write anything in advance haha but I have a big weekend of writing too! Pre-A to Z post, nail art post, Saturday questions post! Lots and lots haha and hardly any free time in which to write/video

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