Summer Time

I know it’s a little bit away from now, but I’m already thinking about summer.

I was told this week by the kidlet’s mom that they will be taking the summer off again. The news comes around the same time as it did last year, but for some reason, I am feeling it a little bit more this year than last.

Last year, the idea that they might be taking the summer off came up in January. But just as a possibility. Then in late March/early April, it was a reality. No big deal, within a week or two I had secured an in-person interview with the family of the toddler that I nannied last summer. His mom is home with their new baby so I’m sure that isn’t an option this year.

Maybe this year is a little more of a shock because there wasn’t that early winter conversation. Or maybe it’s because last summer I had no plans or restrictions but this summer I do. I have to keep the last week of August free from anything else. So that’s a little bit of a concern.

But now the search for a summer job needs to start! I did put out a resume to a Chinese English school last week as they are looking for summer teachers. It seemed to fit perfectly with my schedule, however, at that time I didn’t know that I wouldn’t have my responsibilities with my work family, and worked into my email to them that I did have an evening position but that their school hours fit perfectly with my schedule.

I have considered going back to online teaching for the summer. It was a nice little side hustle! Teach for a few hours in the mornings and then go back to sleep. Maybe I will even have time to focus on working on any one of the numerous children’s books I have started to plan out.

So I do have a little bit of a start going already. But it was still a little bit of a jolt. I know that I will always have faith that something will happen and fall into place when I need it to. I’ve seen it happen before and I know it will again. Some people might call that coincidence but from my perspective, I know that it’s God taking care of me. When he is for me, who can be against me?!

This picture has been popping up on my Pinterest feed for a few days now and I finally took the effort to save it. I’m gonna hold onto that today!


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