Nail Art Sunday: Gotta be Royal

I need to get myself a tiara.

This week is 2nd’s birthday so I spent a lot of time last weekend making nail stickers for her. This morning at work I did her nails and 4th’s nails and then I really wanted to do mine as well. But I had no idea what to do. The girls were trying to help me find something, 4th kept suggesting hippo designs and 2nd was saving lots of ideas to my Pinterest board while I worked on her nails. But nothing seemed to make me excited.

So then, I did what I do sometimes, and I asked the guy I’m just starting to get to know. He seems to appreciate how much effort I put into my nails, and was shocked when I told him I do them myself. When he heard I was doing the girls’ nails he asked when I was going to do mine again. I said today if I could figure out a design, and asked if he would like to make a suggestion. He seemed into it and said red nails. Awesome, I have lots of red polishes. That was a great start for me to find a design. But then he kept going! He wanted just one little crown on one of my middle fingers.

And I’m just like, omg how cute is he! He calls me his queen all the time so it’s fitting. I spent a little time researching different designs and then once I settled on an idea, I shaped my nails and got them buffed out and ready for the paint.

I had to use a stencil for this design. I copied and pasted a few crowns from google and printed them out. I had to print them twice because they were too big at first. I resized and I was ready to go. I cut them out and taped them inside a plastic baggie and painted over top. This is a great little trick I have discovered for tricky designs that require a lot of detail. I used a white base coat and then put a metallic over top of it to make it shiny. If we remember from about a month ago, the metallic polish doesn’t peel off the bag. I painted my nails, peeled off my homemade sticker and BAM adorable nails for the next week!



16 thoughts on “Nail Art Sunday: Gotta be Royal

    • Thanks! I love it too!! I was hoping for a little darker red, but this was the darkest I have. It’s from Essie and is called “jelly apple” I think. It’s the one that I used at Christmas time for a lot of my designs ๐Ÿ™‚


    • The boy loved them too! I got a new coppery metallic today and I think it’s going to look just smashing with the red! And I picked up a coral too which will look amazing with the metallic too (8,000 shopping points when you buy two colours and when I get to 25,000 I get a gift card to amazon for more nail things MWAHAHA) and a new stamper plate. I can’t wait to use them!


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