18 thoughts on “Saturday Questions #29

  1. Oh, good list!

    There’s so many places on my list… I’d really like to visit the French alps this year. We haven’t travelled much in the last year and I miss it so much!

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    • I haven’t traveled much at all in my life! I just wanted to put “Europe” and leave it as one thing I can’t really narrow it down more than that. I started with Italy and then I put Rome and Venice and I’m like “girl, those are all in Italy” so I stuck with just countries.


  2. I’m going to New Zealand next year for a couple of days, so that is one place but it probably doesn’t count if I am already going there. I’d love to see Alaska and the Galapagos.

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  3. I have soooo many!

    At the moment the main new ones are:
    – Korea
    – Jordan
    – Peru
    – Argentina
    – Spain (to the mountains)

    aaaand I always want to go back to japan, aaaand hike more in the Rockies!

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