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Did you ever have goulash growing up? Like ya know, you’re mom is making dinner but doesn’t really have anything to make a dinner so some pasta and meat and veggies and like a can of soup all goes into a pot and/or pan to cook up and it’s like this amazingly yummy dish of lots of things just cos she was either too lazy to cook anything else or didn’t have anything else planned or the items she wanted for something else? Well, honey, welcome to what I am going to call my blog goulash. I have a few things to say but not really enough for their own post so here we go.

First of all, just to get it out of my way, only 24 days until my birthday.

Image result for keep calm its my birthday month

Which means that’s its officially Aries times!! Yaass!!

Buzzfeed put out a cute little post about Aries, and you can read it here, but I wanted to share a few of my favourite memes they posted.

Heck yes, I will stay fiery!

Yes, call me a queen one more time, my head won’t explode


Oh, yes, I have 15 book ideas already but let’s start planning something different!Β 

Check out the actual link because there is a Venn diagram that I couldn’t copy and paste that is amazing. I am definitely a type 1 Aries.

I went for my first actual run since December last night! It was a spur of the moment thing. The weather was GREAT all day, I got to leave work 15 minutes early and the walk home had no ice, and I was like “I am not prepared but I am going!!!” It sucked, I am back to where I started in October in terms of stamina but it was great! I even saw a deer when I was walking my non-breathing, tight tendons, exhausted butt back home. And I only feel half horrible today.

I have a first meet up with someone today, I usually don’t post about guys until after I’ve met them/if there’s something interesting about them but I feel like I’m going to throw up and just thought I’d share.

Don’t forget that A to Z is coming up soon! I am needing your votes to help me decide on a course of action. You can vote by clicking here, and voting will be open until Next Friday.

I am heading back to The Clay Room today!! I’m going to make mugs for my parents. I hope they like them and actually use them. I have a cute quote for my dad’s mug about cows and I’m just going to paint Holstein spots on it around the quote, but my mom’s is a little more difficult to decide what to do. I’ll do my dad’s first.

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