The Clay Room

Please accept this as my official change of address.

I’m sure that I shared this with you a while ago, but for Christmas, my kidlets gifted me a hippo piggy bank.


They had been frequenting a place called The Clay Room to make ornaments and some other pieces just for them, and they decided that I should be in on the fun times. They were right!

For anyone living in Toronto, this place is about a 3-minute walk from the Chester Street subway station on line 2 and it’s right on the Danforth. Paid parking out front.

So this is how it goes: you go in and pick a piece of pottery you want to paint (or bring the one that was gifted to you) and then you pick out as many colours of paint as you want, and you sit and paint. HOW FREAKING AMAZING IS THAT!?!

You pay for the piece you are painting and then a “studio fee” which covers the cost of the paint and time you will be using, plus all the paint brushes and sponges and stencils and firing and glazing. It’s a one time fee, if you need more time, you just come back later and keep painting. If you are doing more than one piece, you pay a “day fee”. I paid $14 for my studio fee because of the size of my piece. When I go back, I’ll be painting a few items so I’ll get the “day fee” which is like $27.50 and I can do up to 3 items. I only have time to paint 1.5 of them? No biggie, they’ll chill out in their storage area and I can come back at any time that I want within 45 days to keep working. Need more time again? New start to that 45 days!

I know its a long way past Christmas now, but I was waiting to go painting with my kidlets. The mom said that we’d all go down and do painting together, but that didn’t happen so I decided to go by myself. I went two Sunday’s ago and then picked up my piece this past Sunday. I know you all have been waiting on the edge of your seats to know how it turned out so here we go:

These are the paint colours I selected. This is the final “after firing” colour. And it’s with three coats of paint.


A reminder of what my baby looked like before:


And this was after I had finished painting:



I honestly loved him just like that. I love how it was so pale and cute. I wanted him to be a natural looking hippo. You have to work from the lightest colours to the darkest so it was a lot of little detailed work to do like the toes first and then the rest of him. But it only took me an hour to get him all done.

Then I left him there and picked him up a week later. And he now looks like this:


Still super cute!!! And he needs a name – so the first person to offer up a cute name that I haven’t already used for any of my other hippos can be the namer!

So I have decided that all my money and extra time will be going to this store. And it’s really an easy commute to get there. I think it would be a great place to take the toddler. Maybe when it’s warmer, I can call his parents and see if I can spend the day with him there.

My next project will be what they call a “kitchen critter” but I am so totally going to use as a pencil holder.


Because I obviously don’t have enough hippo things as it is already. I’m thinking of making this hippo crazy colours. Or a pretty design. Suggestions are welcome.

I will also make mugs for my mom and dad for their birthdays.

Ps: If you make me anything, I will love you forever. Future boyfriend/husband who will never read this blog: make me something from here, please.

Do you have something like this where you live? Do you like to do things like this? Do you want my PO box address to send me something you have made for me (my birthday IS in 27 days ya know)? Do you think I already have enough hippo related items? Lemme know in the comments below. 

16 thoughts on “The Clay Room

  1. He looks adorable! I wish we had something like that here, or at least something similar that is ‘adult friendly’ (many places in the UK, or at least where I am, only allow adults with children). I would totally make myself a flamingo to add to my growing collection!

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    • OMG it’s so dangerous! I went in on Friday just to paint mugs for my parents and then I saw that kitchen critter thing again and asked if I could pay for it then but not paint because I didn’t have time and the lady was like “oh yeah, and since you have three pieces your studio fee goes to the day pass” so I only increased my studio fee by $2.50 to get the third piece! HECK YES! She is holding the hippo there for me. I’m going to be in the area again today but wont have time to paint. But I dropped like $90 there by the time I left on Friday…..

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