Saturday Question #28

studying hand-made GIF by Philippa Rice

Dear Teenage T:

Sup, girl? How you doing? Listen, I know I’m probably the last person you want to get a letter from, but here we are, and you’re going to listen. So turn off Yahoo chat. Actually, turn off the whole computer! And take it out of your bedroom!

First of all, that hair cut is ridonkulous! Stop letting your mom take you back to that same place over and over again! You don’t even like it!

I love how much confidence you’re growing already. Sure, it’s mostly from being cocky over your standing in debate, but it’s good to believe in yourself and that you’re good at something. That little bit of confidence (even though you are way too obnoxious with it) is going to turn you into a fierce adult. Speaking of debate: during grade 12 picture day, you’re going to see Mr. H walk right by you in the library. He’s going to say hi, and get S from her study table for the debate picture and then walk right past you again. Sure she only joined debate in grade 12 for her university applications and Mr. H has been your coach since grade 9, but just drop that anger. Holding onto it for years to come is not a good look. I know it’s going to be hard, but you’ll be happier.

Be more careful with your money! I know you’re already working, and I know you’re tithing (good job!) but save some!! You worked through most of high school and all of university, while living at home with like no expenses, and you saved nothing. Girl, seriously!

Oh and seriously: don’t start smoking! PUT IT DOWN! Yes, it’s just a few years of your life and mostly just when you’re out with friends at clubs, but that’s going to haunt you. Every time you get stressed you’re going to crave it. Have random dreams about smoking and then spend a week fighting the urge to have a puff. We made some stupid choices!

So those are the major things. Just a few more: join more clubs in university, you have the time! Focus more in university, you have the time! Stop making excuses! Education is expensive.

Don’t let mom get under your skin. Make better friends. Have more experiences. Hold onto the feeling the first time you feel really beautiful to someone else. That was an amazing, life-changing feeling! Don’t build up too many walls, but also stand up for yourself more. You deserve to be treated with respect.

I think the most important thing I have to say to you is this: even if you don’t do anything that I’ve just said, you’re going to turn out to be an amazing person. You’re confident, independent, funny, a little bit crazy, and almost always bubbly. And I love you.


Thirty-one year old T.

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