How to get away with murder

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I recently decided to start watching How to get away with murder, and here are my thoughts on it so far. If you haven’t seen this show (and want to) please skip this post.

When you first start this show, it’s all OMG! and OMG! and OMG! It pulls you in right away!! The first season is a twisted web of back stories and flashbacks and everything mingled in together. At first, I was intrigued by this. But that I just got super annoyed! Like ok, I get it, you’re trying to be all dramatic, but just SHOW ME WHAT HAPPENS AND STOP SHOWING ME THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER ALREADY OMG!!!

But it was still really good. I was hooked. So hooked that I’d watch so many episodes in a day (usually on my days off) that I’d have crazy HTGAWM filled dreams. But ya know, those weren’t always that horrible:

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But then something happened. Somewhere around the end of season one, the start of season 2, the show started to repeat. The stupid flashbacks were appearing again, in that super annoying way where you get a dead body and then spend 15 episodes getting 2 minutes of what actually happened that night to get the dead body. Like, come on!! Sure, use that tactic once and then drop it. It’s not cool anymore. It was hardly cool the first time, but the show was so fresh and new that I put up with it.

And then there are all the other murders. Basically, when I see a new character that isn’t part of the lawyer team, I know they are either going to die or be part of a new murder. And I’m usually right. It’s so predictable now.

And I swear to glitter and hippos and unicorns, if I see one more person ugly cry with snot coming out of their nose, I’m going to THROW MY COMPUTER AGAINST A WALL! Enough already!!!

And I’m not even finished season two.

Here’s my thing: this show started off amazing! I was so captivated by it! But I feel like this is one of those shows that needed to be a movie. Just like Lost. With Lost, a friend gave me the first two seasons on DVD and then I started watching it on TV. But after the 3rd or 4th season, I gave up. I was bored. They are still on the stupid island, and the plot lines are just getting more and more ridiculous. This is how I feel with HTGAWM. The plot lines are just getting way too unbelievable.

Maybe the problem is that I’m watching it all at once and not once a week like the creators intended? But even when I take a few days break from it, I still get into this “ugh, seriously?” mode while watching it. I’m not sure how much longer I will stay invested, but for now, I’m still watching. I’m hoping it gets better.

18 thoughts on “How to get away with murder

  1. I felt the same way about How to Get Away with Murder. I started it when it first came out (as a huge Shonda Rhymes fan, I was so excited) and I thought season 1 was fantastic, but then season 2 was not so fantastic, and then season 3 just lost me – I think that is the season I gave up on. It just got too weird and boring and not intriguing at all anymore.

    Ugh and I hate talking about Lost. I get so infuriated lol! I loved season one and two and even enjoyed a little bit of season three, but then it just forgot it’s storyline. I did finish it, because I had already invested so much, BUT How to Get Away with Murder isn’t worth it, if you ask me.

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  2. I watched all the seasons to date, but after the third one I was so disengaged from it… I just put it in the background and then scroll on Instagram! 😂 It’s not that it’s bad… It’s just way too long and twisted. I don’t think I’ll watch the other seasons if they make more.

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  3. Like you, I loved this show starting out. I made it to about midway through the second season and I just dropped it. Completely lost interest. I don’t even think I stuck around to see whatever mystery was unraveling.

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  4. Sorry you’re not enjoying it like I thought you would! I think watching it all at once has brought on these concerns. I’ve watched it on TV once a week since it came out and can’t relate to any of what you said haha

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  5. I didn’t start this one and now I’m glad. I watched Lost but gave up somewhere along the line for the reasons you guys have said. I hate shows where you start to get frustrated. Build the tension but then give some answers, otherwise you lose me.

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