The Last of the President’s Men

Delving into the life of President Nixon.

Over the last week, I have been reading a little bit into the life of President Nixon. I have always been fascinated by his presidency, maybe just the fact that he was almost impeached. I love policial chaos. Like I never want to be part of it, but sitting on the outside and looking in while it all burns and I roast a marshmallow is totally fine with me.

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One of the books I got in my most recent trip to the library was The Last of the President’s Men by Bob Woodward.

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It tells of the political career of Alexander Butterfield who was an aide to President Nixon, his go-to guy. His office was literally steps from the oval office.

Let me just say up front, while I am fascinated by the political chaos that Nixon created, I honestly know very little about it. Like sure there was spying and stuff and deep throat but like other than that, I don’t really know anything. It took me years just to learn that Watergate was just the name of the building where the crimes took place and I’m only like 90% sure I’m getting that right. Becky, are you reading this? You’re into Nixon stuff right? I think Paul mentioned that. Is this correct? I really shouldn’t be writing this without knowing my facts but whatever that’s how we roll. 

So onto the book! I had no expectations at all because I literally just saw the title on the spine, read that it was about Nixon and was like “done” and added it to my pile at the library. Sometimes you’ve just got to jump in head first!

I liked the feel of this book. The writing style. It was a look into the personality of Nixon in addition to what Butterfield experienced while he was working in the Whitehouse. I liked to see that. It was nice. It did take a little bit to get into the book, but people who love the Watergate scandal would be totally hooked from the start I’d think. At a few places, I almost stopped reading because I was getting bored, but I’m glad I stuck it out! There was some major drama-rama in there that I was happy to read about because I’m a horrible person and I love gossip. OK? FINE I admit it! I love gossip!!! And this book was political gossip. Which isn’t everyone’s thing, but I could eat it up.

So yes, that’s my view. 4/5 stars. I don’t know why. That’s just how I’m feeling today. Yesterday it was 3.5 so it should count itself lucky that I made a post yesterday and decided to write this up this morning instead of last night.

Have you read this book? Or something like it? Have I gotten all my Nixon facts wrong because I didn’t even bother to look up anything before starting to type this out? Let me know in the comments.

Happy Sunday my loves!


14 thoughts on “The Last of the President’s Men

  1. Spoken like a true Canuck! My fascination started with the Kennedy’s years ago. I highly recommend you read up on them. I also have a love for the royals. Not necessarily Megan and Harry, Kate and William, but Mary of Scotts and Elizabeth. You like political gossip, oh my, you will eat their stories up quickly! Fascinating and brutal.

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  2. I haven’t read that particular book on Nixon. ATM we Americans are entangled in more political theater than ever. ( I loved your photos of Canadians watching our politics) Every day it’s like “what fresh he’ll is this???) I’m personally embarrassed for our country. I’m surprised you haven’t built a wall to keep us out – cause if this keeps up – we’re coming 😜

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  3. I also love the political dramas (though nothing from anyone alive today, thanks). Like Chissie B, I enjoy reading about Queen Elizabeth, and Mary Queen of Scots, Scottish Clan Wars, etc. I’ll have to check this one out.

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  4. Hahaha I laughed out loud when I got the email that I was tagged in this. Yes, I’m obsessed with Watergate. At least Paul is spreading correct rumors about me. I surprisingly haven’t read this book yet but I’m adding it to my list!

    Paul and I often talk about the differences between Canadian and American politics, especially recently, and your first picture with the moose is pretty accurate.

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    • LOL I’m glad it got you laughing! I’m sure you will like the book. It’s very interesting. What is it about Watergate that you’re obsessed with? Lol

      Lol and I’m glad Paul is spreading true rumours about you. But if it’s true is it really a rumour? Or just facts? It’s not as fun to accuse someone of spreading facts though

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      • I’m obsessed with how the whole thing went down. How Nixon thought he wouldn’t get caught and how his administration tried to cover it up and that’s what made it worse. And I like to influence journalism and the Washington Post had on what happened.

        Hmm… you make a valid point. I guess he would be spreading facts about me, which is less fun to accuse someone of doing.

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