Nail Art Sunday: Seeing stars

Another week, another design!

I loved my little nature post from last week, but since the polish was chipping like crazy at work, I decided it needed to come off. I wasn’t going to do polish at all this weekend, hence posting already today, but then I decided to just do it!

I am definitely in a stamper mood. I am loving it!!! Today I decided to branch out and not use my Essie polish. Opting instead to use Sally Hansen.


I first tried the complete salon manicure back in June and it was amazing. No base coat or top coat needed and it lasted a long long time. Even with my job and my hands being in water a lot. It was great.

This week, my nails are super duper short. One ripped almost right down to bleeding and it felt weird so I clipped back the rest to match. Sometimes I’ll let the one be short, but sometimes I like to have them all grow out together.

I just needed something on my nails. Since I started to buff the surface before putting on polish when I don’t have any colour on it, it looks gross and I hate it.

Today was simple. Blue on all the nails and then a star stamp.

I had no idea how the Sally Hansen would stand up to stamping. Stamping is a fickle thing. You need a polish with good pigment, not too thick, not too runny, and preferably one that won’t smudge when you top coat it. While the pigment is lacking a little bit in my stars, it’s a nice subtle outcome! And I didn’t wait for the polish to dry for 30 minutes like I normally do, I just cleaned up the edges and put on the top coat. I even tried to smudge it by doing multiple strokes of top coat on one finger! And no smudging. It was great. I even stamped every single nail because I liked the outcome so much.

The only issue I had was the cleanup. Anyone who has done nails before knows that glitter polish it a pain in the tushy to try to clean up. Even just taking it off your nails is a pain! So I should have put a barrier on my skin before stamping (liquid latex, white glue, Aquaphor). But I didn’t. Lesson learned. I’ll just have shimmery skin for the next day while it slowly wears off from me washing my hands/dishes.


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