Thursday Updates

It’s been a quiet week here on NLFF so let’s have an update, shall we?

I know I’ve been quiet and there’s been a reason for it. And I’m not really going to break that now, but I need to fill you guys in on some things. I never keep things from you and it’s been bugging me that I have been. Mostly I can’t give any more details until maybe next week (or even longer) but I’m BURSTING so here we go. I’ll add in some giphys so you know how to react.

So there was this thing after my Saturday Questions #24 (the password one) that turned out AMAZING! Like I wasn’t expecting it AT ALL but ya know when God provides and gives you a path, you take it. I’m not one to be all “God is showing me this” because I hardly ever feel that way, but he slapped me right across the face to get my attention this time. And then I was freaking out for nothing. But it all worked out and OMG OMG OMG!!

happy jonah hill GIF

this should be you right now.

Then this was like, yeah I guess I could, but maybe I should look at this instead. And I’m kind of glad I did because if it all fits into place, then it’ll be much better for me. Ya’ll understand! Girl’s gotta look out for herself!

black think about it GIF by Identity

I know! 

And then yeah, so it’s emotional and really sad. But it’s not like I can just not, ya know? Like I just can’t. And sure it’s going to really suck at the end if it happens but I think it’s better to have the possibility of the suckiness but also the possibility of the amazingness too. I can see all of you nodding your heads. Thanks for the support. xoxo

consoling 2019 cfp national championship GIF by ESPN

Thanks, I really needed that hug

Okies, so remember that guy I mentioned last month, we went out on a few dates last summer and then we split and over Christmas we reconnected and then after THREE WEEKS when I was like “okies listen, what’s going on here with us?” cos I was all confused and then he was like “did you want to give us another try?” and I was all like “I’m not sure…” and he was all “I’m at a friend’s house right now but I would love to work this out. I’ll talk to you when I get home.” and I was all “that sounds great :)” and then five minutes later he’s all “So I have a girlfriend and out of respect to our relationship I think it’s best that we don’t talk anymore” and I was all “Are you serious?!” and then blocked him on everything? Yeah so THAT guy, last night I was checking a new message on the dating site I’m on and he had viewed my profile! LIKE DUDE! SERIOUSLY!? UGh. He didn’t message, thank goodness! Cos I would have been really rude in replying. Which I think I’m justified in!

seriously GIF

You and me both! 

So what’s new with you?

14 thoughts on “Thursday Updates

    • Lol I think maybe he’s just bad at relationships. Like when we were seeing each other over the summer, he’d cancel things last minute or not even cancel but I’d hear from him two days later. I feel like he had someone else then too. But he says he hates confrontation so that’s why he didn’t say anything about his gf when we were talking. So “I’m spending New Years with friends” is what I got but he probably meant “with my girlfriend” that’s not confrontation, that’s being a coward and a little boy afraid to say anything. He can’t contact me anymore on my phone though. Totally over all of his drama


  1. Ooh, can’t wait to hear the news ’cause I can guess little parts but…fingers crossed it all falls into place.

    THAT guy is not worth a moment of your time, but if he does reach out again. You give him *that * moment 😉

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    • I really wish I had the courage and guts to give him “that” moment. I had a lot of things to say to him after our last conversation and it would be great to just yell that at him but I’m sure I won’t do anything of the sort if he ever reaches out lol

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  2. Guys are just stupid and also that hugging gif is of my Alabama boys so you made me almost squeal by using it. God had a funny way of showing us where we need to be. Like with my job situation, I’m fully a believer that I was meant to be in my last position just until my current position at my new job was created. My first week went amazing and I’m so ready for this second week so I can start actually doing things at work!

    Again, guys are stupid. But I can’t say anything really because I’m talking to a guy that things went…. Sideways with thanks to a friend who went psycho on him because I was having an emotionally off day and he decided he didn’t want to talk to me anymore. He randomly texted me yesterday and we’re talking again. I’m not sure where I stand feelings wise so I’m just feeling it out.

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    • Haha I’m glad the football boys made you happy! It was just the perfect gif for the paragraph haha.

      And yes boys are stupid! Someone once told me that a person will always show you their true character pretty early on (breaking dates, disappearing without telling you, not saying they have a gf when they do, flipping out when you have an emotionally off day etc. Good stuff too haha) and that once you see it, accept it. Be careful with this guy. Maybe he really isn’t like that and is willing to show you. But still be careful.

      And yes – I fully believe that God has plans for us and that he guides us in them. It’s great when I can see it happening in my own life.

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    • No idea. He said he didn’t tell me about her right away because he doesn’t like confrontation. But that doesn’t explain why he said he’d “love to work it out” between us and getting back together. He could have easily said everything he said after that and I wouldn’t have been mad. Like his whole speech about how he was just getting friend vibes and how he’s in a relationship with an amazing woman. Sure that’s great. But tell me that BEFORE you say you want to get back together. Pfft. Loser.

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