Nail Art Sunday: Spring Time

Come on springtime weather!!

Yesterday was a gorgeous day here in Toronto, and I have had hideous nails since last weekend so I decided to change that up.

I post my nail pictures to Instagram (sorry to those who follow my blog and my Instagram, you get things twice) and then they get sent to Facebook as well. When I posted a picture about 6-weeks ago of my nails, my cousin’s wife challenged me to a nature theme. I told her I would be happy to oblige but I had just done a design and then I had to do Valentine’s Day nails so I would schedule her request in after that. I love that I have to schedule in requests hehe

She didn’t really specify what kind of nature-inspired nails she wanted to see, so that was all left up to me. I’ve been in love with my stamper later, so I decided to pick one of the many nature etchings I have.

I sat down last night to do it. I knew I wanted something spring-ish so I decided it should be flowers. Well, I have a large stamper plate and then 10 smaller plates, which means I have lots of options! I stuck just with the large stamper plate, and I could have done 10 different stamps! That’s a little too extra, even for me, so I narrowed it down to two. A flower stamp, and a bird stamp. That’s nature and spring-like!

It was a very easy stamp and transfer so there is no video. My only suggestion is that if you are going to do stamps is that you use high contrast colours. It makes it stand out a whole lot more. I used two colours from Essie. Essie polish transfers really easily for me and I prefer it when I am doing stamping. However, there is this one company Clear Jelly Stamper, and I want all their things! You can LAYER the stamps ON TOP of each other to get amazingly detailed designs. WHAT?! And I’m over here just doing one layer like a heathen. If anyone wants to buy me some so I can show you how they work, my birthday is April 15th. And if Clear Jelly Stamper wants to just send me some just for the sake of it, I promise to make an extremely poor quality video to show everyone how amazing they are! And if any of my followers know anyone who works for this company, tell them I think they are amazing. 

So here is a half-decent picture of my nature inspired nails!


Happy Sunday everyone! And happy almost spring!


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