Saturday Questions #25

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How do you relax?

I have a few ways in which I like to relax. I’ll read a book, or watch some Netflix or a movie, paint my nails, take a nap, do some yoga. or write on my blog. All these really help me to relax. Even though sometimes they can be frustrating (like painting my nails or reading), by the end of the activity I feel much better.

I wish I had one of those suits Mrs. Vanhoutten is using. I love to take a nice hot bath and just relax in it for a while. But I haven’t lived in a place with a bathtub in like 4 years. Sometimes I get the crazy idea to rent a hotel room close by for the night and relax in their big comfy bed and take a nice bubble bath. A nice evening of pampering.

How do you relax?

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8 thoughts on “Saturday Questions #25

  1. A couple years ago, I rented an AirBNB in my hometown. It’s only 45 minutes from where I currently live. It’s the same city where I currently work Monday through Friday. My reasoning was that I just wanted to spend a week relaxing and reading and not feeling obligated to do anything. I didn’t let anyone in my family know I was going to be in town for the week. If that’s what I wanted, what would have been the point of going somewhere far away for that? I know I could relax at the beach, but every time I go to the beach, I’m reminded why I hate the beach. Too many people. Too humid. And sand… everywhere… for weeks after you get back home. Ugh…

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