Okies, I need some answers of my own.

Yesterday, I was wasting some time on Buzzfeed like I like to do, trying to calm down after a pretty long day of freaking out over some things (good things not bad, don’t worry, I’m like 63% calm now, it’s good) and I came across this article that has literally exploded everywhere.

The question: how many towels for grown adults need?

Now I’m a grown adult, and I don’t have any complete sets of towels. I wouldn’t say I’m an adult adult. But like I’m a functioning adult.

This started on Twitter. A guy tweets asking cos his girlfriend is saying 10 towels is too many for two people. And I’m like “um YEAH!” Now I don’t live in a house where I have people over (I honestly check with my boss before having anyone over because this is not my house and not my rules) but even if I did, and I lived with a partner, I kind of think that’s excessive? No? But maybe like 3 bath towels, 3 hand towels, 3 washcloths? Just for rotation? I guess that’s 9 so close to 10? Maybe I’m not thinking it through? I have two sets of every type of towel I need for the bathroom. Am I failing at this adult thing? Maybe I’m overusing my towels?

Any adultier adult out there care to weigh in? How many towels does one person REALLY need?

37 thoughts on “Towels

  1. To me it depends completely on how often you wash them and use them. I got tons of old beat ones from my parents’ house, so I feel sort of spoiled and have a place to keep them, so that works for me. Granted, many of those are lame and stained but work perfectly well when washed but would look ugly for guests. It also matters if you have pets who make messes of any sort, or if you make messes int he kitchen and use bathtowels as kitchen mats sometimes–it seems silly in a way to make Twitter get all excited about a matter of opinion, but that’s what it does.

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  2. Depends…
    Do you have access to washer/dryer, do you use one for your hair and one for your body? What kind of storage space is available? Do you use them for other uses? Email me for my other uses if interested.

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    • Lol! Yes to washer and dryer but the dryer takes forever cos it vents inside. No to the hair cos it’s half gone and dries in like 20 minutes anyway. Although when I was my wig I use one then. And I’m sure I know your other uses already lol

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  3. Hahaha! We have literally 12 towels in rotation. There’s 5 of us in the house, and with 3 boys who think 1 use is sufficient, which I disagree with, we get low on towels frequently. Now that we’ve made them start doing their own laundry, that running low has slowed way down though. 😃

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  4. Oh no! I have about 10 body towels (just body towels) for post shower. I don’t do laundry all that often because I live by myself BUT I try to stick to just using my white towels because the dyes in all other towels are bad for you. Which reminds me I need more white body towels.

    I just like having plenty incase something happens – aka friends stay over or there’s a cleanup that needs to happen. That’s just me.

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  5. Here’s how I do it, and feel free to judge… I have two towels in the rotation. Because I’m one of those people who is comfortable using the same towel to dry off for repeated uses. I’ll use one for a week, then throw it in with the dirty clothes and let the other towel rotate in for a week. And I do laundry roughly once a week. If I lived in the kind of place where people came to visit or stayed overnight, I would buy more towels to have on hand for guests to use. As it is, I’m only worried about drying myself off.

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  6. I have about 8 bath towels, two are designated for hair dye. The others are just to ensure I have plenty. They wear out slower and if I forget laundry I’m not hooped. I have 4 hand towels because I like 2 hanging at all times and like them washed frequently. I have 12 face cloths because I use them daily and need to start with a fresh one every day because they don’t dry well, and I also use them for washing my face, it helps my eczema and that means they should be clean. But I also have spots for them all. I think two people having 10 bath towels isn’t too much as long as they aren’t over using them. I need two when I shower- one for hair one for body. So if boyfriend used one, and we washed them after 3 uses (some report came out last year saying that’s the acceptable amount before they are gross) you would have used 6 towels in 6 days, you have 4 on the shelf so you’re really fine for the week even if you had a guest who only needed one. But you would still need to do laundry soonish.

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  7. 4 in our house. 2 per person = 8. Then there are the beachtowels = 4. Then there are the guest towels in the guest room = 4. Then there are the towels for the kids friends = 4. Then the dog towels = 3. Then the towels that are a bit scrappy for camping = 4 or just for mopping mess on floors etc = 3. So I would say we have about 30(ish).

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