I can see!!!

Well, it’s a little blurry but we’ll work through that!

So about a week and a half ago, I was talking to my brother about my health insurance coverage and he told me that I should be more concerned with what I was covered on because I literally had no idea. So I checked and I realized that I had a nice coverage for buying new glasses now that I was in my 3rd year on the plan. I was going to wait until the spring to get new glasses but I thought that I might as well do it now since the idea had just popped into my head. I’m a little impulsive like that.

So I set up an eye appointment for last Sunday (yes, on a Sunday) and I spent all weekend trying to pick out some glasses on clearly.ca because I love a good bargain and I’m not going to pay like $500 per pair of glasses at an actual store. No thanks. Moving on!

My insurance covered $200 of my purchase and I wanted to get regular glasses AND sunglasses, so I had to be wise about what I was doing. Clearly Contacts was having a sale and I was going to jump all over that.

Now the problem with getting new glasses for me is that my prescription is SOOO bad. So much so that a lot of the frames that I liked and which were in my size wouldn’t be able to support my lenses.

Yeah. My lenses are so thick that the frames would not be able to hold the glass. That’s how blind I am lol

Once I had settled on a few pairs, I looked at the measurements again and realized the height of the glasses. From the top of my current lenses to the bottom is 33mm right now. The glasses I picked out were 41! They would be WAY too big for everyday wear. So I had to go back to the start and find a whole new set of frames I liked.

After an entire weekend (I’m talking Friday-Sunday evening) I finally settled on a new pair. They are metal frames instead of my old plastic ones, and green instead of black. Nice shape too.

Then I had to focus on sunglasses! I had picked a set I loved from the site and went to add it to my cart but it didn’t have a place for me to put in my prescription. I need prescription sunglasses or anyone driving with me and around me will probably die. I called the company and the nice lady on the phone said that the frames were too curved and they aren’t available for prescriptions.

So again, I had to go back to the start and try to find new frames. Thankfully I had an idea! Remember those frames that were too high for my face? BUT change them into sunglasses?! Um hello! I’m such a basic white chick that I am in LOVE with over-sized sunglasses! So I just went back and found one of the frames from earlier that I had loved and wanted their funky colour and style, and ordered them.

I did have my brother and best friend on the ropes for a few hours Sunday night trying to help me narrow down my choices.

I picked the ones I wanted and then I set out getting them customized. I knew I was walking a fine line between coming out ok with the price and going way over my imaginary budget of $5. Two pairs of glasses for $5 is fair right? My last pair of glasses, just one pair, was $500. I wasn’t spending that much this time around.

With my crazy uber lame lenses and the frames that I bought, for BOTH glasses, my total came to $405. That’s decent for two pairs! Like totally respectable! And my insurance covers $200 so that’s amazing!

But Clearly had a sale going on that weekend. 35% off frames and lens upgrades. Now because I have crazy uber lame lenses, I need the upgrades. One pair of my frames were on sale so I wasn’t expecting the discount to apply, BUT IT DID!!! So after that discount, I was at $263. FOR TWO PAIRS OF GLASSES! Then take off my insurance, so I legit paid $63 for two pairs of glasses. SIXTY-THREE DOLLARS.


Anyway, this is just a long way of saying my glasses arrived today:




Sorry, you can’t see them on me. I’m not even going to do a password post. Just accept that they are amazing and I look amazing in them.

4 thoughts on “I can see!!!

    • Since I don’t get the opportunity to change my hair style, glasses feel like my one way to change up my look every so often. I had an eye exam thinking I needed a new prescription but it was exactly the same but I still got new glasses haha!


    • I love the sunglasses too!! I feel so cool wearing them! I’ve had to get the green ones adjusted like 4 times now and still they are hurting behind my ear. I’m not sure if that’s because they need to be adjusted more or if I need to get used to them. Thankfully I have my old glasses which are the exact same prescription so I can alternate them when I feel the need 😊


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