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Do you ever get a feeling like you’re just wasting your life on an endless spiral of Netflix shows? And that there’s nothing interesting in the whole of the internet to watch? Yeah, me too.

Basically, my mornings consist of making breakfast and tidying up, some blog stuff, and then reading until I want lunch. Then a little bit of Netflix before work. It’s a good system for me right now. Except for today. Today I am waiting with my nose pressed up against the window for my new glasses and sunglasses to arrive! The Canada Post tracker says they will be delivered today and I don’t care that it’s a holiday I best be getting them today!!!!!!

Anyway, since I’m reading some pretty awesome books, I thought I’d share with you my feelings on those books. If you’ll bear with me for today, I’ll give you two, possibly three depending on my word count.

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon ~ Grace Lin

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Okies, straight up, this is a children’s book. I got it from the children’s section of my library. But it’s almost 300 pages so it’s not like it’s a Robert Munsch book or something. Full disclosure, I would totally grab all his books and sit and read for hours so you just go right ahead and judge me if you want I don’t care. I’m an adult and I make my own choices!

This children’s novel is about a little girl who is trying to change her fate, and the challenges and hardships she comes across as she tries to do that. She needs to meet a specific person to change her fate and along the way gets into shenanigans. Kind of like The Lord of the Rings if I had found those books interesting. I’ve only read The Hobbit but still, my opinion stands.

Anyways it’s great. I loved it! Even though it’s for minors, I was captivated by the story. If you have a child between the ages of like 10-14 they would probably love it. And they could read it themselves. It has a family story, and a love story, and dragons, and kidnappings and attempted murder! It’s got everything. Including my seal of approval.

5/5 Stars

The Girl Who Smiled Beads ~ Clemantine Wamariya

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This is the true story of Clemantine Wamariya. When she was 6, the genocide in Rwanda started, causing her and her older sister to flee from their home in Kigali (the capital of Rwanda) and survive on their own.

For some reason, I have always been drawn to this genocide. I’ve studied it in high school and university, read multiple books, watched the movies, wrote research papers on it and the refugee crisis that followed the end of it, won research awards for totally shredding the UNHRC’s policies and practices. Maybe it’s because the genocide happened in 1994. I was 7 so I’m sure that I heard about it on the news or on the radio while leading my regular life. What got me is that Clemantine is a year younger than me. It made my heart shatter into a thousand pieces. While I was enjoying swimming in my pool in the summer she was in a refugee camp. While I spent my winter of grade 1 in figure skating lessons complaining that I didn’t get to go home and watch tv after school, she was learning how to keep bugs from burrowing into her feet. My heart was shattered with this book.

Just writing this is making me emotional. I had to stop reading it multiple times just to do something more light-hearted because I didn’t want to cry all over the library book.

10/5 stars. All the stars. More stars than are in the sky.

So I’m running out of words and I don’t want to make all you lovely people read much longer so I’ll hold my next book until tomorrow maybe. Brace yourself for a lot of reviews because I’m in a reading phase right now. On Friday, I didn’t even have a plan, I just walked into my library and went to a row and picked up 3 random books. They are all political/religious biographies so brace yourself for that too haha.

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this song is stuck in my head now…thanks a lot T. 

Have you read either of these books? Anyone have any books that I should add to my TBR note on my phone? I still have all your suggestions from the last time I asked! Don’t worry I won’t forget them!

9 thoughts on “Books and more Books!

  1. I might have to add the one about the genocide to my Goodreads list! It sounds very interesting. I don’t know that much about the genocide, but I’ve always been drawn to it too. Maybe this book is a good place to start educating myself a little more…

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    • It’s a very emotional read, but it doesn’t really focus a lot on the logistics of the genocide. If you wanted that I’d suggest “shake hands with the devil” it’s by the Canadian general who was in charge of the UN team there during the genocide. It’s a hard one to read as well. As it should be. This book was more just her personal journey and then her thoughts and struggles after coming to America to reconcile what had happened and her new life.

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