Mystery Blogger Award

It’s been a long week, so it’s time to post something fun!

A big thanks to Jenni for nominating me for this award. I love getting awards! They make my heart smile. If you haven’t checked out her blog yet, Housewife Hustle, go check it out!

While I love getting awards, you all know that I also love breaking rules, so I’m not going to follow all the rules. I usually don’t tag anyone else to join in but this past week I’ve done a book tag on WordPress and I’m in the middle of one on Twitter right now so there will be no tags or nominations. If you want to play along, hit up my comments!

Here are Jenni’s questions:

  1. If you had to eat one food for breakfast every Saturday, what would it be? Ya know something? I actually hate eating breakfast. Like I really do. I find it so boring and lame and it’s stupid that I have to actually figure out something to eat. And I hate eating the same thing over and over. I used to make these egg cup things in my muffin tin so I would have breakfast for the whole week with minimum effort and they were easy to switch up to make them less boring and more tolerable, but now I can’t find the main ingredient for them (a specific boxed biscuit mix) so I’ve stopped making them (and I only make my own breakfast on the weekends now anyways). They are easy to change up with toppings and things so I guess I’ll just say that? 
  2. If you hit the lottery, what would be your first purchase? I would pay off my student loans. Is that technically a “purchase”? If it’s something that I have to actually buy, not just spend money on, it would be a car. 
  3. Is there one movie you could watch on repeat? I have a few, they are mostly the dance movies from the early 2000’s – you know like Honey, Save the last dance, Step up – those types of movies. 
  4. What is your all-time favourite hair product? Well since I have alopecia and my natural hair looks like a man in his 40’s because I’m only losing hair on the top of my head (thank you male pattern baldness DNA for showing up on me!) I don’t really have one. I keep my natural hair super short so I just have to throw on my wig and go. I just grab whatever shampoo smells nice when I have to get a new bottle because it doesn’t really matter lol. I don’t even own a hair dryer anymore. 
  5. If you could pick one nail polish colour a year, what would you pick for 2019? I’m kind of really into blues right now. Any shade of blue. I was on pinks for a while but for some reason, it’s shifted over. But that’s ok! Blue has such a wide range to choose from!

I’m not so talented at thinking up questions so if anyone wants to answer Jenni’s questions, feel free to do so in the comments below, or make your own post. If you make a post, please tag both of us so that we can read your answers 🙂

14 thoughts on “Mystery Blogger Award

  1. 1. Cherry flavored Pez.
    2. I’m with you… Pay off the student loans first. Then I’d probably by myself a tiny home somewhere in the middle of nowhere.
    3. Back to the Future
    4. Any shampoo the comes with conditioner already mixed in. Not that I would ever buy conditioner separately. But if I get shampoo without conditioner, I notice the difference.
    5. Candy Apple Red.

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  2. Loved your answers! I’m not a breakfast person, so I thought it’d be a challenge. I still don’t know what I’d eat. I also have to agree with you in dance movies! They make me happy. Thanks for doing this!

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  3. 1. Waffles!! And I actually DO have them every Saturday (with different flavors of course!)
    2. Broken record alert! Student loans. And then a Tesla! And maybe a vacation around the world to meet my blogging buddies. 🙂
    3. Shall We Dance? with Richard Gere and J.Lo. (does that count as one of those early ’00s dance movies? are we slowly turning into the same person?)
    4. I don’t really have a favorite since I use the cheapest stuff, but the most used item is my straightener for my bangs. I don’t even brush my hair on a normal basis; I’m kind of a hippy when it comes to my hair I suppose.
    5. Black. It goes with everything and I think it’s classic.

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