Saturday Question #24

Something you feel strongly about.

I’m sorry to all those who like to read my answers to these questions, but this post is going to be a Giggling Follower’s only post.

If you don’t know what that is, you are free to check out my tab on my homepage for Giggling Followers. But basically, it’s just a part of my blog where I keep the extra private things. Aside from my identity, this blog doesn’t have much of a privacy filter around my life so sometimes I need to post things in private for those few bloggers whom I trust and “know” who they are.

But for those of you reading this post, what is something that you feel strongly about?

6 thoughts on “Saturday Question #24

  1. I feel strongly about parents and guardians giving their children a strong foundation of reading. I have kids in my 7th grade classes that can’t read out loud or they have a low level of reading comprehension. In my opinion, knowledge is power. If we don’t impress the importance of reading to the newer generations, then the future is screwed (I mean we are already screwed because Trump is in office, but the point still stands). There is nothing more dangerous than a well-read mind that can reason and think for itself without the need of being prompted. As a society as a whole, we are breaking away from that and soon the middle class will no longer be an obtainable goal for most of our youth.

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