Part two in the tale of my cars.

If you were around yesterday, you would have read the tale of my first car, Chester.

He was a great little first car, and at the time I was proud of him. Mostly because I paid for him without getting a loan. But after having him for two years, I had to give him up because he was costing me so much money and I no longer felt safe driving in the winter with him.ย ย I had a spin out my first winter in a similar car and had lost my winter driving confidence.

Once I was on the emergency supply list in the board where I was living, and working full time at Tim Hortons as well, I decided I needed a better car. Again, I started looking around April-ish. And likewise, it only took one day.

I knew that I didn’t want to get a big loan. My mom and I looked at one car that was in a neighbouring town and it was ok, another Ford, but it had been in an accident and I didn’t really trust the guy who was showing it to us and my mom wisely said “never buy a car that’s been in an accident, and certainly not one that was so bad”. Like I’m sure a fender bender would be ok, but apparently, the front of was totally crumpled on this car.

My parents had just purchased a Hyundai and were really impressed with it so she said we should drive out and just take a look at what was on the dealership lot. They had a good selection and she liked that lady they had dealt with. She also thought they would need to get a new car since my dad was having his hips replaced.

So we drove out there and looked around. We got the same lady who had helped my parents and she was the sweetest thing! She answered all my questions, and my mom actually let me do most of the talking, although she did interject a few good questions. I test drove one car and, again, it was love. I hear that’s what you feel like when you get your wedding dress? Maybe I’ll eventually be able to confirm that but with cars, it’s just been that wonderful feeling!

It was a Santa Fe, only 5 years old, only one previous owner who had purchased it from that dealership (pro tip: if you’re buying second hand, I say go with the brand dealership. I felt so safe in my purchase from them). The last owner had actually built it to their liking and had it made just for them. It had everything I need inside plus lots of extra bells and whistles. I actually met the owners about a month after I purchased the car! I was getting gas and they were in the vehicle right in front of me!! It was the strangest thing!ย 

I said I’d have to think about it. I didn’t feel right about getting a car without my dad’s approval. But that was the day he had his first hip replacement. The lady printed off the specs page for me and when we went to see my dad that evening in the hospital, he wasย not interested at all in what I was talking about. His recovery from that first surgery was rough, I’ve never seen him like that, a little depressed and just totally off. Thankfully it didn’t last long. But back to my car!

A few days later, I called and went back for another test drive. I drove it around in the rain and felt really good. So I went in and signed the papers! I was able to pick it up a few days later. I did an exchange on Chester and got about $500 towards my new car, and then I put about another $1500 down so that dropped my monthly payments quite a bit. When I picked him up (all my cars are guys, I’m not sure why), there was even a bouquet of flowers on the front seat waiting for me.


And there was nothing wrong with that Santa Fe. It was the most perfect car. I felt safe driving it in the winter, and now I am an SUV girl for life. If I ever get another car, it will be another SUV.

Now, his name was Tom Selleck. And he got that because the same teen who named Chester was tasked with naming this car as well. He gave me two choices. Since there was the bug guard at the front, he said that was like a moustache. So it could either be Ned Flanders or Tom Selleck. I chose Tom Selleck, obviously.

I eventually had to part with Tom Selleck. I was moving to Korea and I didn’t want to keep making the car payments while I was gone. I didn’t see the point. I totally regret that now because I could have a fully paid off car right now even though I totally can’t afford the upkeep on a car with my current job. But I wouldn’t have had that loan to pay off either so maybe it would have been better? lol, I’m not sure. Anyways, I still had about $6000 to pay off once I traded it back into the dealership and they gave me some money back for him. I thought I could just keep making those payments while I was overseas, but I was wrong on that. You have to pay off the entire loan on the car or it can’t be resold. So I went through a HUGE hassle trying to get funds for that. I had this blog for about a month at that point and I detailed that process here.

I look forward to the day when I get my next car. I am smarter and more experienced now and I know what I like and to trust my gut on certain things. And that I can always call my dad and ask him his opinion. My mom too since she actually worked in a car factory in her early 20’s haha.

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  1. My first car was a boy – Louis (Ford Laser hatchback). Second car (a Ford station wagon) was just The Wagon. I call our current car (Holden Astra) Yeeha (because of its number plate) but the rest of the family don’t like it.

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