Homemade Apple Juice

Who doesn’t like to make things from scratch?

If you are new here, I’m currently a nanny. And I love my kidlets as if they were my own. On Monday, kidlet number 4, or 4th as I call her here, decided she didn’t want to go to basketball camp for the night and stayed home with me. She’s 9, and right now she doesn’t want to do anything really.

The other ladies who work at the house and take care of most of the kitchen stuff so I can focus on the kids when I arrive haven’t been at the house this week. One is in Jamaica and I’m not sure why the other one hasn’t been there but now I’m doing the work/cleaning of three ladies and all I do is wash dishes right now. I literally spent 15 minutes with the kids last night, and that was just to read 4th a bedtime story because I had finished up the dishes just at the perfect time.

So anyway, on Monday, I’m washing dishes and I look up and 4th silently comes into the kitchen and takes two apples and puts them into the freezer. I ask her what she’s doing and she goes “I’m making apple juice.” She had been having a rough day so I just decided to let it slide. It’s two apples – who cares haha.

Later on, she told me that she saw this video on YouTube that said if you freeze apples and then thaw them, they will be smushy and you can squeeze them to make apple juice. So that’s what she was trying to do.

Last night, she decided she was going to finish her experiment. After a massively long day of being stuck in the kitchen, at 8:30 at night, she decided to make apple juice. She had pulled her apples out of the freezer earlier and now they were ready for her.

And it actually did work! I was so impressed!! She was able to squeeze the apples all by herself and get a little bit of juice out of them. She said she needs to do more and strain the mulch out of the juice before she can drink it though. She added a little bit of sugar as well.

Of course, I had to clean up her mess but I’m super impressed she was able to do it. I wasn’t sure it would work. Chalk one up for science!


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