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So Toronto woke up to a massive winter storm warning this morning. It’s predicted to be so bad that both the public and Catholic school boards have closed schools for the whole day. Even before a single flake had fallen from the sky.

I thought it was a bit ridiculous because when I woke up at 7, the roads were completely dry. Nothing had changed overnight. One of the students I live with woke up and said their school was closed. Then at 7:30, it started. First the snow, then the wind.

I was sitting eating breakfast and was reading the news on Twitter, like I usually do, and they have outlined the storm. So now I’m taking them a little more seriously. This afternoon they are expecting to have power outages in some areas.

So what do I do? I text the girls living with me! Charge your phones, and any extra power banks you have. I’ve already got mine started. I have a small power bank which will fully charge my phone 2-3 times. And then I have this massive one my dad gave it. Once fully charged it can charge my phone AND my iPad mini from zero to 100% about four times each before draining itself. It’s amazing.

But of course, that’s not all I’ve done.

I’ve also started collecting water. Thankfully the main part of the house has a gas stove so we’re ok for cooking if the power goes out. But water is always something that people never have enough of. So there are pots and buckets all over. Some for drinking, some will be set aside for flushing toilets if we need it.

Now, because I have gone to all this trouble, I fully suspect that there will be no power outages at all. The lights won’t even flicker once! But I’m ok with that. I’d rather have to dump out all the water and have full batteries instead of the opposite.

Does anyone remember the ice storm in January of 1998?

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I was 10, almost 11. Our family lived in this old farmhouse and thankfully we had a wood burning stove. We always used this stove in the winter so we had a stock-pile of wood outside. My dad hung a heavy blanket in the doorway to the room it was in, our family room, because there was no door and he didn’t want all the heat escaping. We were without power for about 3 days I think. We were lucky, some were out of power for weeks. When we ran out of water, we melted and boiled snow. We had food, and we had heat. Sure the four of us had to live in that room, but it had a couch that pulled out into a bed and a SUPER comfy recliner.

Related image

I know it won’t be that bad today.

Image result for ice storm 1998

But it’s why I always go crazy over preparing for winter storms.

Image result for ice storm 1998

If you’re in Toronto, have you prepared for this storm? Do you think it will be as bad as they say?

If you’re not in Toronto, how do you prepare for winter storms?

17 thoughts on “Snow…..snow…..

    • Omg I am so over this winter too! Like January was fine and now February thinks it can make up for it? Who died and gave it all the power?! Pppffftttt

      Having power lines under ground sounds like an amazing idea!!!

      I’m going to try to stay safe. I slipped on ice on Friday and then I slipped on some water at work last night and fell again. I’m going to my chiropractor in about 30 mins haha! Thankfully he’s the kidlets dad and I see him all the time and his clinic is in the same house that I live in. Don’t even have to go outside!


  1. Don’t even remind me of that ice storm, I had to crawl through the trunk of my car back then just to turn it on to heat it up to open the doors….
    Sounds like your being proactive today! I woke up & by the time i was leaving for work the snow started. I’ll tell you, i’m not excited for my commute home but that’s life. But good idea to make sure everything’s charged in case, totally didn’t think of that!
    Let’s hope this is our last little storm, I don’t think I can do this anymore

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  2. Milk! Buy lots of milk. Also bread, God knows when we’ll be able to eat bread again. 😉 Aren’t those the staples for snow storm preparation? We’re supposed to get a winter storm today and I’m sure that the supermarkets will be barren in short order. Then, all is normal again the next day.

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  3. I remember several ice storms around here, most notably one about 10 years ago. Power was out for 12 days, bitter cold, driveway (1/2 mile of gravel ruts) was like a skating rink, trees snapped everywhere. Horrible. We made the decision that any time we had another one like forecast, we were reserving a room at an extended stay hotel in the city. I’m never dealing with that shit again…EVER! 😃

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  4. I remember the storm from 1998 because my dad was in the army at the time and was deployed to Montreal so help the Red Cross. Fortunately, it didn’t affect Quebec so we were alright. Stay safe today! And enjoy the snow day. 😊❄️

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  5. Well done on preparing. We had a 40 degree day today here in Oz (104 F) & terrible bushfires have sprung up- the air is so hot, dry and heavy, no moisture anywhere. February is supposed to be our wet season here; hasn’t really rained since before Xmas… so stay safe, while I try to stay a bit cool :/

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    • My preparation was all for nothing lol no power outages! But like I said in my post, I’d rather have nothing happen and have to dump the water. Your day sounds just as horrible as mine but on the other side of the scale! I hope you were able to be cool!

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  6. It’s funny how we always want the next season. Here in Oz we’re having a particularly hot summer with lots of drought, and now some areas of drought have had mega flooding (one extreme to the next). Lots of people here are saying they are over summer and want winter to roll around (not me, I seem to spend the whole season feeling the cold and heating is really expensive).

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    • We are on the opposites! But people complain here as well – winter is too cold and snowy, summer too hot and humid. No one is ever satisfied lol

      Although another Aussie blogger commented right before you and your weather sounds horrible!!! I’m sorry that its been so dry. Hopefully the relief will come soon!


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