Saturday Questions #23

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So today I am supposed to write down a regret. But I honestly just have my mind on one thing. I guess it’s a regret of sorts.

I regret leaving my house yesterday morning.

Here’s the story: once a week, I walk down to where my kidlets live and I borrow one of the vans to go grocery shopping. I make breakfast for four Chinese girls right? So instead of me bringing food from the other house (like I did last year), I just get a monthly budget and go shopping for what I want to cook for breakfast and what they like and then I don’t have to rely on the other house or my bosses to get food for us. Of course, I also do my own shopping at the same time.

I usually do this on Wednesdays. But this week it was icy that morning and we were down to one van that doesn’t have snow tires. It sucked. So it got pushed to Friday. Which I don’t like because Friday is my day off. Yes, I still get paid for the time I spend doing it, but still. I don’t want to do it on my day off.

So, I’m walking over to the house yesterday and I wasn’t really paying attention to the sidewalk conditions and I slipped and fell on some black ice. Not like a simple “one boot loses grip and you kind of go down in a lightly awkward way” but a full on “both feet fly out, your bags go flying, you land as hard as you can ever remember landing, you have to lay on the ice for a hot second just to comprehend what just happened and to catch your breath and just try to stand up because omg you’re getting cold from laying on the ice and body can you please get up now?!?”

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Like it was bad. I hurt so much! I was like a little old lady walking the rest of the way to the house. And then it wasn’t just my tush that was in pain, but as the day went on, it started to creep up my back and into my shoulders/neck, and a little bit into my ribs so deep breaths were hurting a little bit too. I just saw my chiropractor the day before (my kidlet’s dad) and he worked on my elbow, well I’m pretty sure I smashed that on the sidewalk because that hurts too more than just the tissue being sore from him working my elbow back to where it needed to be. By the time I got home from my bible study I was in so much pain, I literally had to sit down on my bed and take some breaths to brace myself before trying to bend enough to take off my socks to get ready for sleep.

It was bad.

I took a muscle relaxor and text my boss filling her in. She knew I fell. She was understanding, told me to ice, and I said I would check in with her this morning. I slept really well, all things considered, and I have already text her saying I’d be ok to struggle through the day (if I don’t go to work, I feel like I can’t justify going out for coffee later tonight if my plans work out and I really want to go out for coffee).

I will be going as slow as a turtle in peanut butter, and wincing the whole time, but I’ll do it! Or at least I’ll try!

So my regret is not being mindful of black ice on the sidewalk. I think today I’ll walk to work tossing handfuls of salt down as I go.

slippery winter is coming GIF by Europeana

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11 thoughts on “Saturday Questions #23

  1. I’d go back and see the kidlets Dad as soon as you can! (Speaking as someone who has a really bad back and is cringing at the thought of what you did!). I hope you are feeling better (((hugs)))

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