Saturday Questions 22

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I am proud of so many things in my life, it’s hard to narrow it down to just one. So I’m just going to ramble for a little bit about everything I’m proud of.

  • finishing my undergrad even after I was on academic probation after the first year
  • moving to South Korea, by myself, twice
  • going on vacation in Scotland by myself
  • anytime I have to fly because I hate flying
  • anytime I have to drive in the winter because it gives me anxiety
  • knowing what would make me happy and not settling for a job that sucked my soul
  • finishing a book and submitting it to an agency
  • not being crushed by their unavoidable rejection
  • starting running and loving it (it’s supposed to be like 4 degrees tomorrow, I might even go for a run. Probably not but the idea is there)
  • being accepting of my body, even when society tells me not to be
  • keeping this blog going over 3.5 years so far
  • being able to do lots of nail designs on my own nails without having to pay someone else to do it

What are you proud of? Lemme know in the comments below so we can all share in some love.

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7 thoughts on “Saturday Questions 22

  1. Right this moment, I’m proud I’ve tried to make a soy, dairy, wheat, egg free caramel slice for Jeckle (allergy restrictive diet while docs try and work out what’s wrong), even if it looks like it’s a complete disaster and may be inedible. He’s going to a bday party tomorrow and will have to take all his own food (no fun). I’ll keep trying and will have something edible by the end of the day =)

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  2. This is awesome!! You go girl! I love that you are able to find so many things to be proud of. I also like how some of them are pretty small things. I always have trouble being proud of myself, but now I kind of want to list out some of mine too – just for me to remember that I’m not a total loser LOL

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