Witch Craft

You guys, things are finally turning around for me this week.

Yesterday was pretty good!! Work was actually great. We have a new handle for our door but it just needs to be installed. Halfway through the night I half woke up to the sound of my taps running at full blast which means that I have hot water again! Apparently, the drain to my shower is frozen so water doesn’t go down BUT I have hot water! I got all my shopping done and had time to get a coffee before having to get the van back to my boss. And now I get to spend the rest of the day relaxing and being by myself.

But also with you. Because I wanted to share something that I’ve been doing which is amazing.

I’ve started using witch hazel on my face. I kept seeing all these pins on Pinterest (which is where I get all my crazy ideas to try things) and I was like “ya know what? I’m going to try it!” And I did. So here is my story.

I decided to try it because the people on Pinterest said that it helped with getting their skin looking clear and with pimples and stuff. Now, even as a 31-year-old, I still get pimples. Sometimes it’s from eating crap, but mostly they are period pimples. And they suck. They come once a month, and it’s a nice reminder that I’m going to be in pain for a few days. And honestly, I hate them.

Over Christmas, I decided to test it out. I knew my parents had some because my dad uses it with the dogs (I’m not sure for what reason, but whatever) so every night I would wash my face and then put some witch hazel onto a cotton pad and wipe it all over my face. It’s a toner and a cleanser, so awesome! Then I would moisturize after. One bad thing I have found is that it can really dry out your skin, so moisturize!!

I did that for the whole ten days I was at their house over the holidays. Then I came back and talked to the lady who waxes and threads my face. She uses it after she is done because it helps to clean out the open pores and reduces the chances of ingrown hairs and pimples from the treatment. She suggested using a spritz instead of rubbing it on. Rubbing it on wastes a lot of product because you have to saturate the cotton pad before applying it to your face.

I really liked the results from the two weeks of using it up to that point. My face didn’t seem as red as it normally was. And my skin felt better too. I made the choice to actually go and purchase some for myself.


Its main purpose is for bruises, swelling, and insect stings, but even right on the bottle, it says it can be used as a cleanser and toner.

For $5 I bought this 100ml bottle. Then, I put it into this spritzer.


For the last four weeks, I have been using this every night (I may have skipped like 2 night in the last four weeks). In the shower, I wash my face, then afterwards I do four spritzes of this on my face to make sure I cover all of my skin. Give it a second to settle/dry, and then moisturize. It doesn’t take long for it to dry. Then I just go about my night.

After using this for four weeks, this is how much is gone from the bottle:


A $5 investment is going to last me until the end of the year basically haha!

And I love it! My face has continued to not be as red on a daily basis. My skin feels great. I love the nice little smell at the end of it. Whenever I get my face waxed/threaded, I always get these little black things in the pores (kind of like hairs but not…it’s weird I can’t explain it) and they have almost all but disappeared. And most importantly, no period pimples! I waited to make sure that I had enough time to get those results before making this post.

This experiment has been amazing. I hope you have learned something, and maybe even go out and try this for yourself.

10 thoughts on “Witch Craft

  1. That’s so weird that you made this post because I’ve been looking for something (oil, cream, etc.) to add to my routine. I think my skin has gotten used to my current routine and have been having some issues. I might have to give this ‘witchcraft’ a go and see what happens. Thanks! 🙂

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